Benefits Of Going Cashless For Your Team

Benefits Of Going Cashless For Your Team


In the new world of cashless operations, there are many small changes that can have some big benefits to your daily operations. As business owners and operators during these tough times, we need to take advantage of these benefits as early on as possible!

As we use cash less and less often, many in hospitality have seen their earnings fall significantly.

“Since the switch to contactless and Covid table service, tips have almost disappeared from our lives. As lovely as being bought a pint is, it doesn’t help pay the rent, and the larger company we work for is unable to handle card tips.”

This is an enquiry we received recently, as it really does shine a light on how difficult it is for hospitality workers out there that rely on tips to survive.

People still want to tip and say thank you for brilliant service, but without cash it’s becoming harder and harder to do.

TiPJAR® is creating a revolution in the world of tipping. Direct, instant, transparent and cashless. It’s better for customers who can have the confidence their tip goes to the people who deserve it, better for staff who get to keep more of their tips, and better for operators who don’t have the headaches and cost of administering card tips.

Benefits Of Going Cashless With Tipjar For Your Teams:

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