Customer Story: Jaunty Goat Coffee

Customer Story

Jaunty Goat Coffee - Boosting their team's earnings

How they've used TAP TO TIP to boost their team's earnings in a space where tips aren't commonly a thought.

# of venues


venue type

Coffee shops



Average tip



Staff receive £12.30 in tips





*Based on the average staff member at JGC who works 25 hours per week. 

Who are Jaunty Goat Coffee?

Located in the fabulous, leafy-green city of Chester, sits this lovely group of small, local-run coffee shops.

This quaint, artisan brand prides itself on specialist coffee, quality honest food, and warm service.

Following the success of their first store, they have recently opened a second, also in the Historic town of Chester which is entirely plant-based. 

Their core values are based on sustainability, staff well-being, and transparency – which made them a perfect match for TiPJAR. Not only are they a Living Wage Employer, but they also take great pride in training and growing their teams to their best abilities.

Local at heart, we absolutely love this brand and love that we are able to help their passionate teams earn a little more for their hard work.

"It's a great USP for new employees, it saves vital time for the management team, so their efforts can be spent with the team and customers, plus TiPJAR is completely transparent which fits our business culture perfectly."
Elinor Summers
Operations Manager


As with many hospitality operators nowadays, JGC found it difficult to compete against bigger brands on the Chester high street for staff recruitment.

By implementing TiPJAR’s TAP TO TIP technology alone, they have increased their staff pay by 56p per employee, per hour worked (based on an average of 25 hours worked per week), increasing staff pay by £724 per year on average. which has proven a useful recruitment tool to attract talent – offering their staff the opportunity for extra earnings if they perform! 

"It has definitely helped with recruitment; especially for a coffee shop environment, where tips are typically far less than a bar or restaurant."
Elinor Summers
Operations Manager

Happy staff

TiPJAR, like JGC, pride ourselves on fairness and transparency. 

By implementing our platform, the brand have given their staff total ownership of the tips they recieve – linking employee performance to employee reward.

Over the two venues, they have collected over £10,000 across over 5000 contactless transactions in only 11 months. As hospitality operators, it’s no myth that they understand the value this can bring in terms of staff wellbeing, motivation, and employer-employee trust.

"Everyone loves how easy it is to use and how transparent it is from an ethical point of view."
Elinor Summers
Operations Manager

We’re excited to continue to work with Jaunty Goat Coffee as they hopefully go from strength to strength and continue to open up more sites!

We’re big fans!


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