TiPJAR’s Hospitality Emergency Workers Fund

TiPJAR’s Hospitality Emergency Workers Fund


When we started in 2019, never did we foresee a situation when millions of hospitality workers on zero-hour contracts are facing such a dire & sudden outlook. Millions have struggled to pay their rent, feed themselves or feed their children.

In the UK and the EU, many bars & restaurants have closed, and many of these workers have guaranteed hours & governments have stepped up to help businesses continue to pay these workers. 

In the UK the majority of hospitality workers are on contracts that mean if their place of work is closed, they will not be paid. Even if we don’t see wholesale closures we will see millions of minimum wage workers lose hours & income forcing them & their families into poverty, debt & potentially homelessness.

The chancellor’s announcement last year now helps millions of hospitality workers, but sadly still so many are not protected by this as they don’t have contracts, were paid off pay roll or dismissed by employers before the announcement. We decided to take action to help those that are still hurting. We have the technology, contacts & understanding to make a difference quickly. 

We have created ‘The Hospitality Workers Emergency Fund’ to allow the kind hearted, altruistic & caring UK public to donate to an emergency fund to help the most vulnerable & in need in our sector during this time. Our mission was always to champion hourly paid tipped workers, we never imagined in this way… 

This is a not-for-profit venture powered by TiPJAR in collaboration with Hospitality Action.

Our goal is to raise funds using our platform & Hospitality Action will work 24/7 identifying those who need help the most & giving them a grant of £250. You can donate to support hospitality workers in need in your local city. Every pound will help. 

These are our people. this is our cause.


All donations will be given to our charity partner, Hospitality Action, and will go direct to people who have applied for funding living in the cities to which donations are received.

In order to receive money, charities have to use payment platforms that survive by taking a small percentage of donations received.

By donating through TiPJAR 100% of our your donation will make it to the people in need.

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Let us know & we will get a Hospitality Workers Emergency Fund started for your city. 

Need some help?

Are you a hospitality worker that’s worried about paying rent, feeding yourself or feeding your family? We’re here to help. Apply to receive a grant via our charity partner, Hospitality Action.

Want to help in a different way?

Download your city Fundraising Pack to get social graphics & poster to help spread the word that hospitality workers in your city need help!

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