Monzo Co-Founder Joins The TiPJAR Team

Monzo Co-Founder Joins The TiPJAR Team

Gary Dolman Joins TiPJAR

Some great news to share today. We released a press release this morning about Gary Dolman, the co-founder of Monzo joining our teams as a board director as well as investor.

Gary brings an incredible amount of value to the business with his experience at Monzo and multiple high profile roles prior. He helped Monzo establish it’s full banking license and helped grow their customer base to over 5 million. 

Gary joining the team will help us better understand the fin-tech world and reach our true potential. Our ambition for TiPJAR® is to become the world’s leading cashless tipping solution.

Each year, an estimated $100 billion of tips (more than £70 billion) are given globally to individual workers and teams. We are dedicated to helping the millions of tipped workers, performers and entertainers out there earn more and navigate a world without cash. There is no doubt that Gary will be giving TiPJAR® an additional advantage when it comes to embracing this new world.

We are so excited about this announcement and how Gary can assist us on our journey.

There is loads more exciting news landing in the coming weeks, so watch this space!

watch our team's reaction to the news:

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