Hospitality Re-Opens With A Bang!

Hospitality Re-Opens With A Bang!

The stats are in! We’re delighted to share some positive news about the first week of hospitality reopening. The headlines?

Guests were more generous than ever before

During the first week of trading, the average tip actually increased by 56% versus when customers were purchasing takeaways or using food delivery services during lockdown.

This tells us that drinkers and diners tend to be more generous when able to visit a venue and engage with staff directly. This is the kind of news we love to share. The human factor is still the heartbeat of the hospitality industry in the UK.

A tip was registered every five seconds on Friday and Saturday!

No, we’re not overexaggerating! We were really taking a tip every five seconds – a record amount of activity for us, which we know will only increase as further restrictions are eased and indoor venues can begin trading again from 17th May.

Tipping activity increased by 650% compared to the week before

Overall, tipping activity increased by 650% throughout the week, compared to the week before! This is also further evidence of the pent-up demand and excitement at visiting venues for the first time this year that has been widely experienced across the hospitality industry.

It goes without saying that the first week back, for those venues in England fortunate enough to have outside space and therefore able to reopen, was a welcome step back to normality. It’s been an incredibly tough period for everybody in the sector, including staff, so to see the evidence in our data that customers have been generous with their tips is a much-needed boost for teams.

TiPJAR® was founded to change the way tips and gratuities are handled. Any and all tips are paid digitally and are wholly owned by the staff, by-passing the business and the need to operate a tronc system.

 We’re really looking forward to helping more workers access more of the tips they deserve, as we continue through the reopening roadmap.

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