At TiPJAR, we believe in pricing transparency and giving you full control over your tip management solution. Our straightforward pricing model offers a core subscription package with essential tools for seamless tip management. Customise your experience with optional add-ons like TAP TO TIP™ and SUPERTRONC™, tailored to your unique needs.

Choose TiPJAR for transparent pricing and a customisable tip management solution. Book a demo with our sales team to discuss your business’s specific needs and find the perfect plan for you!

*Some transactions include fees, depending on the collection method. In most cases, these fees are covered by the tipper. Please see a breakdown of these fees below.


Designed for smaller, single venue businesses

£ 0.99 Day
  • Collect and distribute tips fairly across a single team
  • Share tips based on hours worked
  • £99 Set Up Fee


Designed for multi-site operators

£ 1.99 Day
  • Collect and distribute tips fairly across multiple teams
  • Share tips automatically through rota integrations or csv uploads
  • Access TiPJAR collection and distribution extentions such as TAP TO TIP™, PDQ integrations or SUPERTRONC™

+ Tap To Tip

Requires an active Team+ subscription

£ 0.50 Day
  • Boosts cashless tips by 50%
  • Designed to sit on your bar or countertop
  • Fast, contactless payments with customisable amounts

+ Supertronc

Requires an active team+ subscription

£ 100 Month
  • Collect tips or service charges through your existing card machines
  • Hands-free solution with payroll/ EPOS integrations
  • Get tips and service charges to staff fairly, transparently and fast
£99 Fee To Get You Started
Team Tip Distribution
Hours Processing
Manual, CSV, or Rota Integration
Subscription Payments
Direct Debit or Credit Card Only
Direct Debit, Credit Card or Invoice
Feedback Module
Payroll/Rota Integration
Order/Payment Integration
Account Manager
Direct Tipping Functionality
API Credentials
TAP TO TIP Functionality (Additional Charge)
SUPERTRONC Functionality (Additional Charge)

Our fees

Our objective has always been for TiPJAR to be completely free to our users (staff members). And, 98.7% of the time, this is true!

Different collection methods come with different fees associated. We’d like to be as transparent as we can about what these fees are, and where they come from.

When someone pays by card there are fees to pay to the card issuer to process the transaction.

Right now, we're paying 20p plus 2.5% for each transaction, and we're actively working on reducing these costs as we grow.

On top of the card issuer fee, TiPJAR applies a small fee of 4%. But here's the exciting part: Your customers have the option to cover these fees on your behalf. We're thrilled to share that for 98.7% of transactions, customers choose to cover these fees, ensuring you get 100% of the tip intended, every time.

When opting to tip via open banking (through your banking app) - there is only a 0.2% processing cost.

The cost to process every transaction for a tip collected on our V2 devices is 2% + 3p. 

For our V1 devices (older models which we are hoping to completely replace) the processing cost is 5% + 5p.

On top of this processing fee,TiPJAR also applies a small fee of 4%. Due to the UK and EU laws, we aren't able to force this fee onto your customer - and as it is a fast, 'tap-and-go' solution - we haven't yet made this an option for the customer. 

We are committed to lowering these fees significantly as we scale.

The processing fees associated with processing transactions with your device or app is entirely based on whatever you are charged by your supplier.

The standard 4% fee is also applied.

The processing fees associated with processing tips or service charge with your device or app is entirely based on whatever you are charged by your supplier.

We currently aren't adding a TiPJAR fee to these kinds of transactions.

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