An exciting new way to tip, Tap To Tip™ is smooth, slick and (like all things TiPJAR®) super transparent. The system accepts Google Pay, Apple Pay and contactless cards so that you simply tap your card to leave a tip. This ground-breaking system relieves the operational pain-point of tipping and empowers staff to control tips.


When building the TiPJAR tech, we understood the limitations of a QR code & web-based tip collection methods. We knew for high volume and wet led environments, that contactless was still the most effective solution.

Together with our hardware partner TableYeti, we have designed & built TAP TO TIP™, the world’s first contactless tip collection device, perfect for bar and pub operations in the UK & Europe!

  • It’s the fastest and most direct way to collect tips.⠀
  • It’s the only dedicated tipping collection device in the world!⠀
  • It only takes a second to leave a tip. Simply tap your card or smartphone.⠀
  • It can be programmed to whatever amount you wish⠀
  • Tips go directly into the team’s TiPJAR®, and not through the business.⠀

+ Tap To Tip

Requires an active Team+ subscription

£ 0.50 Day
  • Boosts cashless tips by 50%
  • Designed to sit on your bar or countertop
  • Fast, contactless payments with customisable amounts


Introducing the second version of our unique TAP TO TIP™ devices, with a whole bunch of software & hardware upgrades:

  • Weatherproof
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Locked to prevent tampering & ability to secure in place
  • Customizable, large, improved touch screens with live animation display options
  • Language selection capability
  • Ability to take offline transactions
  • Able to be used in Europe, the USA and beyond!


Please feel free to order your box and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready to ship.

Please know that a TAP TO TIP box requires an active TiPJAR Team+ Subscription. If you’re not currently signed up, please order your box and we’ll be in touch!

Sponsorship Opportunities

TIPJAR are looking for brands who are seeking increase brand exposure to consumers at the point of purchase in a wet led environment. This is a perfect opportunity for brands who want to improve the lives of the hard-working staff who serve, pour, shake, prepare and recommend their products.


TiPJAR has a powerful and compliant software that connects to these boxes and allows hassle free distribution of tips directly to staff, meaning it is completely hands off for business managers and owners.

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