Root TiPJAR deep into your existing technology and separate tips from revenue – with only a single transaction for your customer.

Increase tips by 500%

split tips directly to your team from a single transaction

Keep tips separate from revenue for easy compliance


HMRC agree that since tips collected through TiPJAR Connect bypass the business, they are considered equivalent to cash!

Consequently, any tax obligations regarding these tips rest with the individuals who receive them. We offer helpful easy-to-follow guidance for your team to do this which you can look at here.

Connected to an ever-growing suite of hospitality payment providers

Feel free to introduce us to your payment solutions – we’re always looking for new partners and integrations.

Instant Access to Tips for Staff

Staff can access their tips instantly, boosting morale, and linking performance to instant reward.

No National Insurance Contributions

Both the business and staff save on costs, contributing to increased financial well-being for all parties.

Help your staff earn an extra £2-£5 per hour worked

That’s equivalent to giving a full time employee up to a £9,600 annual pay-rise.

How does it work?

With TiPJAR Connect, we bring effortless integration into your existing card machines or apps, enabling a single transaction experience for your customers. 

The beauty of these integrations, is that while the transaction revenue goes directly to your business, the tips are routed directly to your staff. This ensures a cash-equivalent flow, where money never passes through your business, empowering your staff with their well-deserved tips. 

TiPJAR Connect revolutionises tip management, providing a transparent and efficient solution for businesses and their valued team members – giving them total transparency and ownership over their tips.

Baltic Market App Tips

TiPJAR integrated with Peazi.

Brewdog App Tips

TiPJAR integrated with Hungrrr

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