Tips for the BBQ Slingin’ Staff

Tips for the BBQ Slingin’ Staff

It’s official, the Tipping Revolution is spreading outside of London with the help of Red’s True BBQ. This November we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring on a few new partners, one being the BBQ masters at Reds. With an unwavering focus on quality and innovation from their thoughtful prepared foods to the running of their restaurants, we couldn’t imagine a better fit.

By 2020 cash will be less than 30% of retail transactions and already one in six people under-34 live a cashless existence. The UK is racing towards a change-less society and the hard-working restaurant workers, bartenders and BBQ Pit Masters have been the ones seeing less money in their pockets at the end of the night because of it.

As of today you will now be able to directly tip the Red’s teams in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Newcastle and Sheffield.

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