Tableyeti and TiPJAR® Launch World’s First Card Machine To Separate Tips From Transactions

Tableyeti and TiPJAR® Launch World’s First Card Machine To Separate Tips From Transactions

TiPJAR®, the UK’s leading HMRC-cleared cashless tipping platform have announced our second pioneering partnership with TableYeti™ , provider of payment devices that deliver a radically better contactless payment experience for hospitality businesses, to launch the world’s first payment terminal that enables card tips to be separated from a transaction transparently.

Our new groundbreaking tipping solution will be the first of its kind, able to split credit and debit card tips from a transaction so that they go into a separate pot that operators don’t have access to, ensuring that 100% of every tip goes directly to staff. This unique system will remove the burden of complying with new legislation surrounding tip management following the government’s recent announcement that businesses will face hefty fines or prosecution if 100% of tips don’t go to their staff.

TiPJAR®, founded by James Brown of BrewDog, backed by Alex Moore of Rosa’s, Gary Dolman of Monzo and Simon Bocca formerly of Fourth are on a global mission to bring transparent, fair, and staff-controlled digital tipping to the hospitality industry, and is set for world domination after exceptional growth over the last 6 months, having just completed our recent crowdfund, raising over £1.3M.

TableYeti is a hospitality-focused payment provider, dedicated to creating payment devices that make paying faster, collect more data, drive more tips and most importantly, ensure a radically better experience for guests. It is a unique system which enables feedback, seamless bill splitting for groups, and now, transparent and fair card tipping.

"TiPJAR exists to help tipped workers as cash disappears, and we’re delighted to announce yet another innovation that ensures easier, more traditional tip collection and still stands on our moral pillars of fairness and transparency. Our system was designed to ensure 100% of tips go directly to staff, and not through the business. The impending legislation proves that the world is finally seeing the desperate need for transparency surrounding tips, and we’re excited to be pioneering this cause.”

“Our Yeti pay at table device already increases tips by between 10-20% per shift, and now the fact that we can ensure these tips go directly to the workers via the TiPJAR platform and have these tips shown to the staff in real time with incredible levels of transparency is a game changer.”

Oliver Pugh, founder and CTO of TableYeti Tweet

Today, Tableyeti are also announcing that they’ll be offering payment devices that function as more traditional payment terminals, both integrated and standalone. These will also enable tipping of gratuity directly into TiPJAR, significantly expanding the reach of this functionality across the service industry.

Over and above this, the TiPJAR and TableYeti’s initial partnership released the world’s first contactless device designed for bar tops and wet led environments, which you can see in this video.

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