Why TiPJAR Is Great For Salons

Why TiPJAR Is Great For Salons

TiPJAR Salons

No more wet hair ATM runs or lack-of-cash guilt. Your customers love what you do, let them thank you for it. This is cashless tipping for salons.

Whether you’re a team wanting to pool tips, or an individual beautician – TiPJAR® works for you.

Give your customers the power to say thank you for that perfect new look, independent of the amount of cash they’re carrying in their wallet.  We help beauty professionals earn more. 

Benefits of being tipped through TiPJAR for beauty professionals:

There are a variety of TiPJAR products to help you earn more

Between QR codes that any smart phone camera can read & our Tap To Tip™ solutions, there is no reason for a impressed client to not be able to show their gratitude for your service.

TiPJAR tap to tip

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