A Growing Revolution

Tipping was broken, so we fixed it. Digital tipping isn’t just the future, it’s the present and we have the solutions to make it work for you. Powered by staff, with complete transactional level transparency, TiPJAR® was designed and built by hospitality, for hospitality with some of the country’s best loved and most innovative brands. We link employee performance with employee reward, and remove the pain of credit card tip admin from the business.

In the new world of cashless operations, there are many small changes that can have some big benefits to your daily operations. As business owners and operators, we want to help you grab those benefits with both hands.

This is tipping, as it should be.

TiPJAR Business

Business Benefits

Improved tips are a proven driver of business performance, and happier staff. Integrating TiPJAR® allows operators to reap the rewards of a well tipped, highly motivated team. By joining our tipping revolution you can:

Direct & Transparent

TiPJAR® is a peer-to-peer tipping ecosystem that is built on speed (it only takes 3 seconds to leave a tip) and total transparency. We put the power of tipping back into the hands of the worker and ensure that, every single time, customers know exactly where their tip goes and give teams visibility of the tip distribution process.

We’ve put it all on the table, there are no hidden fees. Customers see exactly how far their money will go and 98% of the time customers choose to cover TiPJAR’s 4% transaction fee.

TiPJAR Business
TiPJAR tap to tip

Product Solutions

Whether a QR code on a receipt, tippable food packaging, a Tap To Tip® wall installation or a countertop box, our team will help you find the right TiPJAR® product for your business, your customers and your teams.

Easy Integrations

We are web-based and have a sophisticated API, which means that the TiPJAR® ecosystem integrates smoothly with an ever-increasing list of products and softwares. Being transparent and flexible is key to our mission to help tipped workers earn more and to help businesses grow.

The Numbers

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Industry Approval

TiPJAR® announced itself to the Hospitality scene at industry conference EXP101 and soon after was crowned ‘Innovation of the Year’ award at the 2020 Restaurant & Marketer Awards. Now TiPJAR® can be found in BrewDog, Honest Burgers, Yard Sale Pizza and over 750 venues across the UK.

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