Customer Story: Fairgame

Customer Stories: Fairgame

How Empowering a Happy Team Can Drive Revenue Growth

We sought a platform that would allow the team easy access to tips. TiPJAR offered that solution right off the bat. I have worked in so many businesses where tips have been distributed wrong, and it's such a negative and poisonous atmosphere. With TiPJAR, the messaging is clear: individuals work together to maximise tips for the team. The consistency of distributing tips every Friday has kept the team really happy. Since I've been here, not once have I received a complaint about what we do tips-wise. It's a stark contrast to my past experiences, where fairness was always questioned. TiPJAR has helped us avoid that burden from day one."
Briony - General Manager

If you haven’t made your way down to Canary Wharf lately – well, you should. Not only is the area bustling and bursting at the seams full of brilliant spaces to eat and drink – there’s also a giant, bright, inflatable duck in the Thames.

This yellow beacon signals patrons to investigate – and on arrival, they are blown away by the multi sensory experience that is Fairgame.

Coined as the “funfair you don’t remember” – it’s exactly that. A huge, bright, buzzing space where adults can go and play funfair games, all while indulging in the great food and drink on offer.

Behind this lively atmosphere are the dedicated team members who work tirelessly to ensure every guest leaves with unforgettable memories. Fairgame’s commitment to employee satisfaction and equitable compensation has been instrumental in their success, and TiPJAR has played a pivotal role in this journey.

With over 200 staff from this single venue registered to TiPJAR – it’s no wonder they’ve had such stellar feedback and sales since opening in 2022 – they’ve been quoted as “pretty much been at full capacity” ever since they opened

So what’s behind the success? We like to think, a happy team.


Total tips collected as of March 2024


Tips collected & distributed in December 2023 alone


Increase in tips from Dec 2022 vs Dec 2023


increase in tips during the last 6 months of 2023 vs the first 6 months


extra earned per team member per hour on average in 2023

“The ease of not being a troncmaster and the ability to be able to just have a platform that kind of speaks for itself has been a game changer for me because it relieves you of a lot of pressure and a lot of admin. ”
Briony Wakefield
General Manager at Fairgame

Fairness from the get-go

It’s incredible to have been a part of the Fairgame success since day 1.

Before even opening their doors – Fairgame embarked on a mission to ensure employee morale would be at the forefront of their revenue generation strategy. To achieve this, they needed a solution that would ensure fair and transparent tip distribution. They offer an impressive list of benefits, but from its inception, Fair Game embraced TiPJAR as a cornerstone of its employee engagement strategy, firmly believing that a satisfied team translates into increased revenue.

"For the team, TiPJAR has become an incredibly useful tool. Transparency is key, and they appreciate being able to see it firsthand. With this clarity, they don't need to come to us with questions about their tips; they know they're being paid fairly, and that's what matters most to them."
Briony Wakefield
General Manager at Fairgame


The impact of TiPJAR on Fairgame’s revenue growth is undeniable. By ensuring fair distribution of tips, TiPJAR has motivated team members to deliver exceptional service consistently. This dedication has translated into increased patronage and higher tip volumes over time.

Analyzing the tip volumes over the years provides valuable insights into Fairgame’s revenue growth trajectory. Fairgame experienced an impressive surge in tip volume, with a remarkable 126.58% increase from Qtr4 of 2022 to Qtr4 of 2023!

This significant uplift in tip volumes reflects the growing patronage and enhanced guest satisfaction facilitated by Fairgame’s dedicated team, motivated by the equitable compensation facilitated by TiPJAR – receiving an average of £2.67 per hour during 2023!

For a full-time team member working 40 hours per week, this increment would have meant an extra £427.20 in monthly earnings, leading to an impressive annual boost of £5126.40 on average!

This significant increase not only enhanced the financial well-being of the workforce but also bolstered job satisfaction levels.

"I love that TiPJAR ensures fair distribution of tips across the team for the entire week. We often host large events like full venue buyouts, which are easy to work, but contribute significantly to the service charge gratuity. If someone doesn't work during such events, they could miss out on the rewards despite putting in hard work on other busy days like Saturdays. With TiPJAR, everyone gets their fair share, regardless of the specific events they work, creating a more equitable system for all."
Briony Wakefield
General Manager at Fairgame

Happy Team, Happy business

Beyond monetary gains, TiPJAR has helped foster a culture of transparency and fairness at Fairgame, resonating with employees and reinforcing their sense of value within the organization. The ability to track and receive their fair share of tips & tronc in a timely manner has instilled a sense of trust and loyalty among team members, resulting in higher retention rates and a more motivated workforce.

The direct correlation between employee satisfaction and guest experience is evident in Fairgame’s operational model. As employees feel valued and appreciated through equitable compensation facilitated by TipJar, they are more inclined to deliver exceptional service, thereby enhancing the overall guest experience. Positive word-of-mouth referrals and repeat patronage driven by memorable experiences further contribute to Fairgame’s revenue growth and sustained success.

Fairgame’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of prioritising employee well-being and leveraging innovative solutions like TiPJAR to drive revenue growth and operational excellence. By recognising the symbiotic relationship between employee satisfaction and business success, Fairgame has not only elevated its brand reputation but has also established itself as a trailblazer in the industry. As the company continues to expand its footprint and enhance its offerings, TiPJAR remains a cornerstone in Fairgame’s quest for sustained growth and unparalleled guest experiences.

"It wouldn't align with our name, FairGame, if we distributed tips in an unorthodox way."
Briony Wakefield
General Manager at Fairgame

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Are you ready to enhance employee satisfaction, boost retention rates, and optimise tip distribution in your hospitality business? Take the first step towards achieving these goals with TiPJAR. Our innovative platform empowers businesses like yours to create fair and transparent environments while maximising staff earnings. Don’t let outdated processes hold you back – schedule a demo today to see how TiPJAR can revolutionise your operations and elevate your team’s success!

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Customer Story: Honest Burgers

Customer Stories: Honest Burgers

How Honest Burgers improved their employee retention by 30.5% with TiPJAR

“TiPJAR played a crucial role in reducing staff turnover rates. Enhanced pay structures, coupled with weekly payouts and clear financial benefits, has definitely contributed to employee satisfaction and loyalty."
Maureen Sandbach
People Director at Honest Burgers

If Honest Burgers isn’t on your radar, you might wanna get in-the know. With 40 thriving locations, these hospitality trailblazers are dedicated to serving up burgers and chips in the most honest way possible. Their focus on quality and genuinely memorable dining experiences has given them legendary status in the UK – and as they are pioneers in their service – they too have been pioneers in helping TiPJAR become what it is today.


Honest chose to adopt TiPJAR in early 2020, just before the onset of Covid-19 in the hope that they would be able to drive additional earnings for their teams during one of the most challenging periods for the industry in recent history.

Since then they’ve helped us grow our platform, and in turn – they have had dramatic success though their early adoption of cash-equivalent tipping, and then SUPERTRONC in April 2022.


Total tips collected as of January 2024


Tips collected & distributed in 2023 alone


Thriving Venues


Awesome team members


Increase in tips year on year from 2022 to 2023.


“Over the past couple of years, this collaboration has brought us numerous benefits, especially in terms of clarity regarding payments. The system ensures a clear separation between the service charge and the business's financial transactions. It's entirely transparent, allowing our team to see the incoming funds and the distribution, ensuring everything aligns perfectly. This level of transparency minimises administrative tasks for our small payroll team.”
Tommy Giraux
Head Of Projects at Honest Burgers

4 years of collaboration

Since the implementation of TiPJAR in 2020, the results have been nothing short of remarkable (if we do say so ourselves). Together, TiPJAR and Honest have collected and distributed an impressive £8 million in tips, providing vital financial support to the dedicated team members who help make Honest Burgers a success. In 2023 alone, £4.5 million was distributed!

Moreover, the introduction of Supertronc versus cash-equivalent methods led to a staggering 3653% increase in tip volumes between 2021 and 2022!

“Upon launching service charge with TiPJAR's Supertronc, we realised it significantly streamlined our processes and likely saved us from potential challenges like the new legislation coming in, that we might not have been aware of at the time."
Tommy Giraux
Head Of Projects at Honest Burgers

Leveraging TiPJAR in aid of recruitment

Recruitment and retention has been a critical focus for most hospitality businesses since Covid, but Honest Burgers has leveraged TiPJAR to make significant strides in both areas.

One key strategy employed by Honest Burgers has been to actively promote their utilisation of TiPJAR, emphasising the average hourly rate, inclusive of service charge. This additional compensation, ranging from £3.50 to £5.00 per hour atop base wages, serves as a compelling incentive for prospective team members.

By showcasing their commitment to fair and transparent tip distribution through TiPJAR, Honest distinguishes itself from competitors and enhances its appeal as an employer. Moreover, this approach helps them stand out amidst the multitude of businesses vying for staff, elevating the visibility of their job postings and increasing their ranking in search results.

"We're able to promote the average earnings that a team member gets, stating the pay rate plus the average earnings from TiPJAR. This positions us in a higher echelon when people do Google searches and look into SEO. I would say that it has helped, considering our turnover is going down. It may not be the sole factor, but it's definitely something we reference. The weekly pay is indeed an enticement.
Maureen Sandbach
People Director ar Honest Burgers


TiPJAR’s impact on employee retention cannot be overstated. Honest has witnessed a remarkable reduction in employee turnover since implementing TiPJAR. Previously, the turnover rate averaged around 106.05%, but since adopting TiPJAR, it has dropped significantly to an average of just 75.48%! 

There are many factors that could contribute to this: 

  • Weekly payouts so their staff get access to frequent, on-demand income
  • Fair distribution: Honest Burgers chose to adopt an equal points model, meaning everyone in the team gets their fair share for their hours worked in any given day
  • Transparency means there’s no funny business going on – the team can look at any tip split and understand how they’ve received their share, providing total trust with their employer
  • TiPJAR’s user-friendly platform and efficient payout system elevates the typical tronc experience – promoting the employee experience and empowering staff with the ability to take ownership over their earnings
"Most of our guys are eagerly waiting for the money. It makes a big impact on them, especially on Fridays just before the weekend. The fact that they are looking at it minute to the hour when they're gonna get it, and they know it straight away means it's very much a part of our way of living. It's now part of our DNA"
Tommy Giraux
Head Of Projects at Honest Burgers

an employee engagement tool, like no other!

TiPJAR revolutionises the employee experience by providing seamless and transparent tip distribution, empowering team members and fostering a culture of engagement and satisfaction. As Tommy from Honest notes above, the anticipation of the team receiving their TiPJAR earnings creates a palpable sense of excitement, with employees eagerly awaiting their payouts each week.

This punctuality and reliability not only makes a significant impact on their financial well-being but also instills a sense of belonging and investment in the company’s success.

TiPJAR becomes deeply ingrained in the daily lives of Honest Burgers’ team members, with its accessibility and real-time updates seamlessly integrating into their routines. From tracking earnings, to relying on its efficiency as part of their DNA, TiPJAR has become more than just a tool—it’s become a fundamental aspect of their way of living.

By simplifying the complex process of tip distribution and offering clear, transparent mechanisms for rewarding hard work, TiPJAR enables businesses to prioritise employee well-being and incentivise staff effectively. This sentiment is echoed in Tommy’s recommendations to other companies below, highlighting TiPJAR’s pivotal role in navigating evolving legislation and fostering a culture of fairness and recognition.

TiPJAR not only streamlines tip distribution but also strengthens the bond between employers and employees, driving engagement, loyalty, and mutual success.

"I've been recommending TiPJAR a lot, especially to external companies, with the discussions we've had in the last few months, specifically now as legislation is changing, and people are trying to find a legal way to split tips while also incentivising their staff. The daily split is a huge pain if you were to do it yourself, but through your integration and with the ability to direct it, that can be made an optional absolute breeze. I think that's huge for both small and large businesses—being able to reward people working busy shifts, your best people, where they can make the most money and reward them for it, keeping it transparent, clear, and tenancy."
Tommy Giraux
Head Of Projects at Honest Burgers

The reasons why Honest Burgers chose to adopt TiPJAR:

Aligning their tip distribution methods with their company ethos of honesty and transparency was a consistent challenge for Honest. TiPJAR became an instrumental solution by seamlessly integrating with their values, ensuring clear separation of tips and providing a user-friendly experience, reinforcing Honest Burgers’ commitment to integrity in all aspects of their business.

Honest Burgers faced a challenge with traditional tip distribution methods, where often frequent delays impacted their team's financial well-being. In response, TiPJAR was introduced to provide a solution for swift and regular tip payouts, ensuring Honest Burgers' hardworking team receives their well-deserved earnings promptly.

TiPJAR emerged as the solution, offering a cash-equivalent approach that maintained a clear separation, eliminating confusion and ensuring a fair distribution process for Honest Burgers' team. 

Honest chose to adopt TiPJAR in 2019, just before the onset of Covid-19 in the hope that they would be able to drive additional earnings for their teams during one of the most challenging periods for the industry in recent history

Tommy Giraux, Head Of Projects at Honest told us “This initiative was particularly successful during the pandemic, providing a way to supplement the income of our staff who were adversely affected.”

They then began considering the introduction of a service charge, but their goal was to streamline the process and keep it separate from our business operations to ensure clarity and compliance.

This is where TiPJAR comes in - we worked together to deliver our product now know as "Supertronc" - and the rest, well, it's history.

Compliance with tip management regulations posed an ongoing concern a lot of operators. Introducing TiPJAR addressed this challenge by providing a platform that ensures adherence to ever-changing legal standards. This not only mitigates risks but also provides Honest Burgers with peace of mind, aligning with their commitment to ethical and lawful business practices.

Honest faced challenges (as many hospitality operators do) in attracting and retaining top talent in a competitive market. TiPJAR emerged as a valuable tool to address this concern, allowing Honest to showcase average earnings transparently and position themselves attractively in recruitment efforts, as well as fostering loyalty among their existing team.

The burden of administrative tasks related to traditional tip distribution systems became overwhelming. To alleviate this challenge, TiPJAR was introduced, offering a streamlined approach that reduces administrative burdens, allowing Honests team to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles.

"What's great about TiPJAR is that it's completely independent of the business. It's a true tronc scheme in its entirety, where all the money goes directly to the team members' pay for the hours they've worked. The business has no interference whatsoever. Additionally, there's no commission taken by TiPJAR. We pay you guys for the service, and it doesn't get deducted from the tronc either."
Tommy Giraux
Head Of Projects at Honest Burgers

Ready to take the next step?

Are you ready to enhance employee satisfaction, boost retention rates, and optimise tip distribution in your hospitality business? Take the first step towards achieving these goals with TiPJAR. Our innovative platform empowers businesses like yours to create fair and transparent environments while maximising staff earnings. Don’t let outdated processes hold you back – schedule a demo today to see how TiPJAR can revolutionise your operations and elevate your team’s success!

"With the work that you're doing, I think you're probably positioning yourself as a market leader in certain ways now."
People Director at Honest Burgers

check out how they introduced tIPjar to their teams:

We absolutely love the creativity used to engage the team here! Special thanks to Tommy for sharing these gems with us. 

Please note that our system has come a long way since these were produced, so not all information shared may still be perfectly accurate.

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