Tips go directly to staff, with only one transaction for your customers.

With TiPJAR Connect, we bring effortless integration into your existing card machines or apps, enabling a single transaction experience for your customers. 

The beauty of these integrations, is that while the transaction revenue goes directly to your business, the tips are routed directly to your staff. This ensures a cash-equivalent flow, where money never passes through your business, empowering your staff with their well-deserved tips. 

TiPJAR Connect revolutionises tip management, providing a transparent and efficient solution for businesses and their valued team members – giving them total transparency and ownership over their tips.

Our integration partners

With more coming soon!

TableYeti PDQ integration

When a customer pays for their bill, they are prompted to leave a tip, and can pay for both their meal and the tip at the same time via Apple Pay, Google Pay or any major card provider. 

The tip is automatically split off and sent to the team’s TiPJAR where they can access their tips immediately. The funds for the meal are sent to the business.