FAQ For Tipped Workers

FAQ: Collecting tips

How does it work?

Its really simple… Once you register you will receive a unique QR code directs customers to your TipJar Account Page. On this page you can chose to add a photo, a short bio about yourself (all optional). To start receiving tips on your page all you have to do is to give a printed version of the QR code to the customer with a prompt and explanation on how it works. Then they can tip using their camera. It is really that simple. Once they have paid your account will be credited with the funds.

What do I get charged?

When someone pays by card there are fees to pay to the card issuer. Our system is set up so that when the customer is tipping you it will offer them the chance to cover the fees on your behalf. On top of that TipJar takes a small fee of 4% to cover the cost of running the service.

Why would I do this and not just accept cash tips?

We exist to help staff take more tips and allow customers to ensure all the tips they give are given to you directly and transparently. We can help you and your business to have a fairer tipping system in your bar, restaurant or hotel. However the biggest reason to not take tips in cash is that lots of your customers are no longer carrying cash. This is resulting in a number of tipped workers struggling to reach the volume of tips by solely relying on cash tips and many customers do not like tipping on card machines owned by the business as they have a lack of trust that the staff are getting these.

What are the benefits to me?

We think that as well as taking tips in the traditional format of cash you can grow your income by collecting tips from people who have little or no cash on them.

Does the customer get to see my details or have access to my information?

Firstly you are entirely in control of your tipping page and TipJar account, we have created it so that you have options to add more details about yourself as we know that customers can give more if they know you are saving for something or working your way through educational courses. The customer will have no access to your private information and it will be secured on our database.

Can I customise my home page?

You can customise your home page within the design guidelines including a short bio, a link your social media or you tube accounts if you are a street performer using this system.

What if I lose my log in details?

Its really simple head to forgot password link at the log in page.

Does this mean I have to pay tax?

In nearly all the countries around the world your tips are classified as income so we would say yes, however we are not tax advisors and you should seek information from a professional tax advisor in your country.

Does my employer have to give permission to use this service?

You will need to consult with your employer or business owner on this question, if anyone is struggling to get permission you can contact us and we can send details and explanation of our services to your employers to help break any deadlock.

Can my employer tell me how to share my tips?

Tips you collect with TiPJAR are yours, just like cash. Your employer cannot force you to share them.

And sharing the love with the people that have supported you to create great customer experience is fair, and the right thing to do!

So we would always recommend engaging your employer in making this decision, and hearing their advice. Any hospitality experience is a team effort, and we all need to appreciate the role played by people who don’t directly interface with the customer and collect tips.