FAQ For Tippers

FAQ: Tipping with TiPJAR

Why are you doing this?

It used to be we tipped in cash. When we did this, we knew the person who provided the service would get that money, or it was their choice whether to share it with their colleagues.

But let’s face it, who carries cash these days?

This means almost all tips are now added to the bill when you pay. When you add a tip to your card or pay a service charge added to the bill, this money doesn’t go straight to the person who served you.

It goes to the owner or operator of the restaurant, cafe or bar.

It’s then entirely up to them whether they pay some or all of this money to their staff. Some do, many don’t.

Even operators who want to give all this money to staff struggle to do so. It’s administratively and legally complicated to do.

TiPJAR wants to create a revolution in the world of tipping. Direct, transparent and cashless. This is better for customers who can have confidence their tip goes to the people who deserve it, better for staff who get to keep more of their tips, and better for operators who don’t have the headaches of administering card tips.

It’s a triple win!

How does it work?

It’s really simple! When you scan the QR code you’ll be taken to our responsive website, where you can pay your server a tip with your credit card.

This amount is sent straight to their account and they get the money as soon as we receive it.

Is it secure?

Its completely secure. TiPJAR never holds your card information but this goes through our payment processing company, who are one of the largest in the world and operate to the highest standards in the industry. You can find out more here https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe

How will the person I’ve tipped know I’ve tipped them?

When you tip you can choose to share your profile information with the recipient – that way they’ll know it was you!

If you prefer, you can also tip anonymously.

How much does the recipient get?

When you tip, we’ll show you the exact amount that the recipient will receive.

Why do you add card fees?

We can’t avoid the high costs of payment card processing. At the moment, this costs us 20p plus 2.5% of every transaction. It sucks.

BUT, the bigger TiPJAR gets, the lower the card processing fees will be. Tip with TiPJAR and create a revolution!

How does TiPJAR pay it’s way?

Our users pay a fee of just 4% of the tips they receive to fund the TiPJAR system. We hope in time to reduce this even further.

We give tipping customers the choice to cover these fees too, meaning 100% of the tip they intend can go straight to the tipped worker.

Who is behind TiPJAR

TiPJAR was founded by James Brown, who has worked in hospitality for over 20 years, doing every job from pot-washer through to becoming a Director of a major hospitality operator.

He was moved by the plight of his staff who were seeing their tips dwindle as we all stopped carrying cash, and by the complexity and lack of transparency in the way tips are handled by operators.

Alongside James we have raised support from a number of restaurateurs, technologists and entrepreneurs who see TiPJAR as a huge opportunity to make a positive difference for tipped workers, customers and business owners in hospitality and beyond!

Where do I sign up?

TiPJAR is currently undergoing live pilot trials in a number of locations. The best way to sign up is to go to one of these sites and try it for yourself!

We’ll soon publish these locations on our site and social media channels – stay tuned?

Can I invest?

For TiPJAR to realise it’s potential we need support, so are delighted to meet potential investors. Find out more on our investment page.