Edit Your Tipping Page

Sick of that picture that’s on your tipping page? Want to change the wording so you can appeal to the Tik-Tok generation?

Well let’s edit your tipping page!

Manage TiPJAR

Step 1, click the three dots to go to your Team TiPJAR page.

Edit Tip Page


Step 2, click the conveniently titled “Edit Tip Page” button, if it doesn’t appear then it sounds like you’re not an admin. If you think you should be just email your contact at TiPJAR and they’ll get you set up.

Actually Edit Your Tipping Page

Step 3, here’s where you change what people see when they scan your QR code or click your tipping link. You can update:

  • Your cool name – Most likely you want to call it the name of your site, or team, or band, or the wizard you roleplay as on your Twitch stream.
  • A short but sweet intro – We usually keep it classy with the classic “Thanks for Tipping” but you can as shown above add emojis, or make it local with a “Ta” or a “Cheers brah”
  • You’ve got them hooked! Tell them some more… – You can put a much longer bit of information in here, maybe explain that all the tips go directly to your team, or you could write the name of the farmer who grows the spinach that’s in their curry.

Just to note we accept all emojis apart from aubergine-splash.

Tip Settings

Think yourself as a bit of a high flyer and our default tipping buttons are too low? Well then click over to Tip Settings and you can customise the buttons!