Personal Homepage

This is the first view you will see when you log into TiPJAR. From here you can see your personal profile, the TiPJAR Organisation you are a member of, and the TiPJAR account that is part of the organization.


Let’s say that you work at a restaurant in Manchester, but when you’re not working you stream on Twitch, when we say My TiPJARs we are showing you all the TiPJARs that you are a member of. In 95% of cases people are only really a member of one TiPJAR organisation.

Let’s talk the difference between Organisation & Account:

TiPJAR Organisation = the whole business / group, e.g. Honest Burgers
TiPJAR Account = one site, or one group. E.g. Honest Burgers – Liverpool

If you are a business with just one site, do not worry, this is all part of the plan. If you wanted to expand and create another TiPJAR account, you would see it right underneath.

You’ll be looking at two different balances as well, let’s explain that too!

Your Personal TiPJAR amount = Literally your money, soon to hit your personal bank account.
Team TiPJAR amount = The money that your team has collected, this total gets split amongst the team.

Entering in your bank details

If you are yet to fill in your bank details you’ll be prompted by the checklist to do so. It’s hard for us to give you money if we don’t know where to send it!

Personal Profile

This is real simple, this is what your name is on TiPJAR.