Splitting Tips (for admins)

So you’ve got some tips in your account, and you want to split them. Well you’ve come to the right place.

Organisation Homepage

Once you’ve logged in via tip.wearetipjar.com, you’ll see your homepage. If you are an admin you’ll be able to access the tip split page by clicking the three dots as shown below. If you’re not an admin you won’t be able to split tips, if you should be then contact us and we’ll talk you through it!

Once you’ve clicked there you’ll be taken to your site’s homepage. If you’re an admin of multiple sites you’ll see a list of all the sites you’re an admin of and you just click the 3 dots for the one you want to split the tips for.

Site Homepage

Here’s the homepage for your individual site, for example, Brewdog Reading or Honest Burgers – Manchester. Here you can see the total account balance, so that’s all the money that has come in via people tipping. Remember the total is made up of pending balances as well (you can read more about that here). Let’s click the Tip Splits button!

Tip Splits

This page has all the information about draft, pending and completed splits:

  • Once you’ve clicked start new split, it’s saved as a draft until you either complete it or cancel it. Just in case you’re busy splitting tips and then get distracted.
  • Pending splits are ones that you have almost finished, you just need to fill out the final confirmation step.
  • Completed splits are, well, completed splits!
  • Only admins can see all of this as we don’t share your personal information or what money you might have.

To start a new split, you click the button conveniently named “Start New Split”.

Start New Split

This is the Tip Split page, first things first you want to put in period of time that you want to split the tips for. Totally up to you how you do this, a lot of businesses do it weekly, or monthly, whatever lines up with your rota information usually works well!

  • Tips received from – pretty self explanatory, if you wanted to do tips from the 19th of October, you’d just select that date from the calendar drop down.
  • Tips received before – as we have the feature to be able to split tips on hour the default is set to midnight, so just remember that if you wanted to do the tips from the 19th of October to the 25th of October you select 26th of October as pictured above. So it’s tips received up to but not including that date.

So pick your dates, and then click “Calculate Tips”. What happens then is that we look back into our record of all your tips, and find ones during the dates you specified. Then we will let you know how much money was put in your account on those days.

IMPORTANT: You can’t split Pending tips, as that money hasn’t been settled through the payment provider yet. So if anything pops up in there, just wait a few days for the money to settle and you’ll be good to go. You can also just choose to split

Once you’ve specified the time period you’ll need to fill out how many hours each of your team worked. So just fill out the hours they’ve worked and click “Calculate Split”! This also saves the tip so you can go and do something else and pick it back up from the Tip Splits page.

IMPORTANT: All tips are split evenly based on the hours that people have worked.

Here’s an example:

Sarah works 10 hours in the week, Andrew works 5 hours in the week. You have £150 to split between them.
Sarah would get £100, Andrew would get £50.

So you clicked calculate split, the page will have now updated showing you the balances that will move into your team’s personal accounts, it’ll also update the Split Description. The Split Description is what will show up on your team’s personal accounts, our default is the dates of the splits, we’d recommend that you keep it that way just so you can see what splits have happened in the past.

Confirmation Steps

Couple of steps to confirm everything, we just have to check that this is a true record of hours worked by your team.

You’ll then be asked to enter a confirmation code that will have been sent to your email. You only get two attempts to resend the code, after three you have to do the tip split all over again, so don’t just bash that button. You’ve got 48 hours to fill in the code so just chill.

FINAL IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER: This effectively as reversible as a bank transaction once the money goes out of this account into your team’s it’s their money! So double triple-check that it’s all correct.