Tap To Tip – Connection Guide

So you’ve received your nice and shiny new Tap to Tip Device, well let’s get it set up shall we?

White Screen On Bootup

This is an issue where the device isn’t connected to the internet properly or is connected to the wrong WiFi.


  • You need to tap the top left of the screen 5 times to access the secret menu and enter the password 123456.
  • Once there you can connect to a new WiFi network and that should fix it!

In some rare cases you might see multiple versions of your WiFi network, we think this could be related to some WiFi extenders. In this case, please contact TiPJAR support and we’ll take it from there!

Tap to Tip Device Boots to a Desktop

Another rare case here, this can sometimes be caused because the device is running an old version of the software, it’ll look a bit like this:

First Look at Debian 9 Stable Xfce Desktop - YouTube

If this keeps happening after you’ve restarted then please contact TiPJAR Support and we’ll be able to sort it for you.