Collect tips anywhere & share everywhere

Completely fair, direct & transparent 100% compliant Built for hospitality, by hospitality

Collect tips anywhere & share everywhere

We're already the world's leading cashless tipping solution.

TiPJAR® is an award-winning cashless tipping platform that allows individuals and teams to receive cashless tips directly from customers, then distribute them transparently and fairly amongst the team.

We are a start-up on a global mission to help tipped workers in the emerging cashless society, to help businesses reward and motivate their best staff, and to help customers say thank you for great service.

Seamlessly Integrated into your workflows

The world’s only solution that effortlessly integrates into your existing payment flows for a streamlined tipping experience.

designed for enterprise

TiPJAR offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the unique needs of large-scale businesses.

Financial technology, built like a bank

With robust financial technology at its core, TiPJAR offers a secure and reliable platform, built to meet the highest complaince standards.

A solution for any kind of business

From restaurants to hotels, TiPJAR is the go-to solution for any kind of business looking to revolutionize their tip management.

Totally compliant with new legislation

A fully compliant solution that ensures your business meets all the requirements of legislation, while keeping your teams happy!

You've probably used OUR PLATFORM, and don't even know it.

We built TiPJAR for modern hospitality businesses and their teams wishing to move away from traditional methods that are outdated and difficult to manage.

As a channel-agnostic platform, we effortlessly integrate into our clients’ existing payment flows. As a customer, you wouldn’t even know we’re there.

Visited or ordered from any of these businesses? Yeah, you’ve used us.

"It's like Monzo, but for tips."
Kate T.
Honest Burgers

A revolution built with purpose

We exist to help empower tipped workers with instant access to their tips, financial security, unrivalled transparency, and most of all – a method with which they can collect and share tips across teams fairly.

But our mission doesn’t stop there. We also equip businesses with a powerful tool to reward, motivate, and retain their exceptional staff, eliminating the notorious administrative headaches associated with tips on a global scale. We understand the challenges faced by businesses in managing this crucial aspect, and we are here to provide a game-changing solution.

The Numbers

TiPJAR® Accounts
TiPJAR Users
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Tips Taken
0.1 M

How It Works

TiPJAR® ensures that tips go directly to staff, enabling fair and transparent distribution. With seamless integrations into your payment flows, TiPJAR revolutionises the way you manage tips. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to effortless tip allocation, empowering your staff and enhancing transparency for a thriving workplace

Who Is It For?

Founded by experienced leaders in the Hospitality sector, TiPJAR® has been embraced by independent operators and multi-site groups alike. Our flexible system is designed to collect & distribute cashless tips  transparently and easily.

Any business with tipped workers will benefit!

Bars & Cafes
Food Trucks

We’re already processing a tip every


TiPJAR was established in 2019, and we’re set to be the world’s leading cashless tipping solution. We build our system with scalability in mind. If you can dream it, we’ll build it.

"I used to spend about 25% of my week fixing mistakes to tips and service charges. We barely get any payroll or tipping mistakes anymore. Everything’s automated so there are no more errors"
Tommy Giraux
Head Of Project Management

We're already working with all the systems you are

Or, if we aren’t, we’ll build it for you.

TiPJAR Products

Introducing the revolutionary Tap To Tip® Box, the world’s first dedicated tip collection payment device. Apple Pay and Google Pay compatible and ready to help your teams earn more, as customers confidently tip with a simple tap.


At TiPJAR, we believe in pricing transparency and giving you full control over your tip management solution. Our straightforward pricing model offers a core subscription package with essential tools for seamless tip management. Customise your experience with optional add-ons like TAP TO TIP™ tailored to your unique needs.

Choose TiPJAR for transparent pricing and a customisable tip management solution. Book a demo with our sales team to discuss your business’s specific needs and find the perfect plan for you!


Designed for smaller, single venue businesses

0.99 Day
  • Collect and distribute tips fairly across a single team
  • Share tips based on hours worked
  • £99 Set Up Fee


Designed for multi-site operators

1.99 Day
  • Collect and distribute tips fairly across multiple teams
  • Share tips automatically through rota integrations or csv uploads
  • Access TiPJAR collection and distribution extentions such as TAP TO TIP™, PDQ integrations or SUPERTRONC™

+ Tap To Tip

Requires an active Team+ subscription

0.50 Day
  • Boosts cashless tips by 50%
  • Designed to sit on your bar or countertop
  • Fast, contactless payments with customisable amounts

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That’s right – we’ve just launched TiPJAR® France! We can’t tell you how exciting it is to see our amazing platform in it’s first ever

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