Cashless Tipping For Buskers

Cashless Tipping For Buskers

No more lack-of-change guilt or empty pockets. Your fans love what you do, let them thank you for it and start earning more by accepting cashless tipping.

TiPJAR® is a peer to peer tip ecosystem making it easy for buskers, street performers & online performers to receive & manage tips. TiPJAR works for individuals as well as for groups, so check out our different account types. Our service is 100% direct and transparent.


Cashless tipping for buskers. Earn more doing what you love by allowing your fans to say thanks even if they’re not carrying cash. Link your website & social accounts to your TiPJAR® profile continue building your following.

Currently being collected with by Findlay NapierKick Back Sundays & more.

Street Performers

Between QR codes that any smart phone camera can read & our Tap To Tip™ boxes there is no reason for a impressed fan to not be able to say thanks. Whether you’re a dance group, tour guide, magician or comedian TiPJAR® works for you.

Find us being used by Invisible Cities & more.

street performer

Virtual Tip Jars

Do you perform online? With your unique URL you can collect tips throughout & after the entire performance.

See it in action with The Jive AcesEarth Song Sound Healing & more. 

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