Cashless Tipping For Salons

Cashless Tipping For Salons

No more wet hair ATM runs or lack-of-cash guilt. Your customers love what you do, let them thank you for it. This is cashless tipping for salons. 

TiPJAR® is a peer to peer tip ecosystem making it easy for beauty professionals, hairstylists & barbers to receive & manage tips. We provide cashless TiPJARs for individuals as well as groups, check out our different account types. Our service is 100% direct and transparent.  

Hair Salons

Cashless tipping for salons. Give your customers the power to say thank you for that perfect hair style, independent of the amount of cash they’re carrying in their wallet.

Find us in M SalonsBleach LondonBlitzkrieg Chop & more. 

Nail Salons

Whether your team shares tips or collects them individually, TiPJAR® is a perfect solution. We help nail technicians and beauty professionals earn more. 

barber shop

Barber Shops

Earn more for your perfect shaves & trims. Less people are carrying cash than ever, help your customers to say thanks.

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