Bonjour TiPJAR France!

Bonjour TiPJAR France!

That’s right – we’ve just launched TiPJAR® France! We can’t tell you how exciting it is to see our amazing platform in it’s first ever foreign language. 

We’ve been keeping this on the down-low, but we’re so excited to finally be able to welcome the French community to the Tipping Revolution! 

We’ve also been lucky enough to welcome an amazing new person to the TiPJAR® Team:

Introducing Andrea:

Our new Head of TiPJAR® France! With many years of hospitality at his young age, Andrea has been through it all. From bartending and waitering to becoming a well established restaurant Manager across Europe, he truly understands the challenge TiPJAR® is solving from all aspects. After combining his skills and business background, he introduced himself in the Tech Industry and strives to contribute to change, development and large ramp-ups amongst projects he truly believes in. From being a Facebook Manager in Barcelona to Youshow’s CTO, Andrea is now on the mission to bring TiPJAR® to France and make a difference in the world of Tipping.

Translating an entire platform is no joke, but we ALSO have a brand new shiny French website to show off.

We’ve got some big plans for TiPJAR® France, already live in several locations!

Now, both hospitality workers and individuals alike can sign up to get a TiPJAR® account in France. We are on a global mission to help tipped workers in the emerging cashless society, to help businesses reward and best motivate their staff, and to help customers say thank you for great service.

We are dedicated to becoming the world’s leading tipping solution, and this is just another small step towards our goal.

We’re so excited that we are really starting to expand across the globe – already having launched in the UK, USA, Ireland and now France all in a very short space of time!

Where do you think is next?

You can follow our adventures in France by following us on Linkedin and our French Instagram.

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