How to get a free TiPJAR account!

How to get a free TiPJAR account!

Here at TiPJAR, we’re trying to make cashless tipping accessible for all tip workers and not only hospitality.

Our TiPJAR solo accounts are free, quick and easy to sign up!

At TiPJAR we believe that everyone deserves 21st Century Tipping and have created different options for varying situations. Whether you’re a busker, small cafe or restaurant group with 100+ sites, we’ve got you covered.

Our TiPJAR Solo accounts are perfect for:

The sign up process is fast and we’ll have you collecting tips in no time!

Once you’ve signed up, you account will be created and you can start collecting tips instantly! Once you collect tips, they’ll be instantly accessible and are treated as cash!

You can also link your social media with TiPJAR to help your clients connect with you!

Get A Solo Account For Free

We offer no strings, no obligation free software for any solo accounts. Sign up with us today and start earning more!

We will be launching Solo+ soon which has many more benefits for the individual tip worker.