TiPJAR is the perfect solution for Buskers and Street Performers

TiPJAR is the perfect solution for Buskers and Street Performers

No more lack-of-change guilt or empty pockets. Your fans love what you do, let them thank you for it and start earning more by accepting cashless tipping without the fuss of card machines or power outlets. Whether you’re a dance group, musician, circus performer, tour guide, magician or comedian TiPJAR® works for you.

Benefits of being tipped through TiPJAR for buskers and street performers:

There are a variety of TiPJAR products to help you earn more.

Between QR codes that any smart phone camera can read & our Tap To Tip™ solutions, there is no reason for a impressed fan to not be able to show their gratitude for your performance.

QR Codes

Since Covid-19, everyone now knows how to use a QR code. This makes a very simple and elegant choice for individuals. The QR codes have many successful practical applications for performers, including being printed on boards, lanyards, and stickers.

TiPJAR tap to tip mobile
Tap To Tip Mobile

Utilising NFC sticker technology, Tap To Tip Mobile allows maximum flexibility to collect tips in a variety of ways. Super easy to use, cost-effective and, as with all TiPJAR products, fully compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and all major credit card suppliers. All your fans need to do is tap their card, Apple Pay or Google Pay devices against your Tap To Tip Product.

Get A Solo Account For Free

We offer no strings, no obligation free software for any solo accounts. Sign up with us today and start earning more!

We will be launching Solo+ soon which has many more benefits for the individual tip worker.