How Get More Tips With TiPJAR

How Get More Tips With TiPJAR

Having a virtual TiPJAR Account is an excellent and forward-thinking way to take your tips online. 

TiPJAR is a transparent way of collecting, transferring, distributing and receiving tips via QR codes, digital URLS, TAP TO TIP technology and pay at table integrations not just QR codes.

You won’t have to worry about having to manually count and distribute tips ever again when using TiPJAR. Offering staff their fair share of tips makes TiPJAR an awesome choice for many businesses such as restaurants, salons and any other tip receiving hobby or business.

Staff can feel confident they get their fair share whilst managers and operators have one less thing to worry about. Tip management is going to become a breeze.

How to create a virtual TiPJAR account

Creating an Personal TiPJAR account could not be simpler. Simply sign up and follow the steps given to set up a virtual TiPJAR account. You will then receive a unique QR code which customers or friends can scan to leave a tip!

Businesses just need to book a demo with our team, we do the rest!

How Can I Get More Tips in TiPJAR?

Easy To Market

The great thing about having a digital TiPJAR account, is that you automatically get a QR code, which you can plaster everywhere inside key customer contact points within your venue.

You can really do some free marketing on this one, the more visible your QR code is around your business, the more likely people are to see it, making it as easy as possible for them to leave a tip for your team.



Place them everywhere

QR codes are also versatile. You could get more tips in TiPJAR by placing your QR code in strategic or unique places around your business. A common place is menus for bill receipts for hospitality businesses.

Or why not considering putting a QR code for your TiPJAR as a sticker on the table? Placing it in obvious places that customers will be and are likely to see it is a great way to get more tips.

Great customer service

Nobody is going to want to tip  if they don’t receive excellent customer service. They are after all paying money for a product or service, and many people will want their money’s worth.

Being friendly, offering attentive customer care and looking after your customers is a great way to get more tips in tip jar. This could be taking the extra time to chat to your customers more or simply holding the door for a customer.

People are much more likely to tip if they have had a great customer experience. Don’t forget that ear to ear smile whenever you’re with them!

Perfect Products

An easy way to get more tips in TiPJAR is by offering a great product or service. If your business is a restaurant, for example, then ensure that the food or drink served is up to the customer’s high standards, is well presented and, of course, absolutely delicious.

A customer will tip more often if they have received a great product or service.

By implementing these simple things, you can easily get more well-deserved tips into your TiPJAR account. Use these top tipping tips and you can hope to see an increase in tips to reward your staff.

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