TiPJAR’s Crowdfunding Success

TiPJAR’s Crowdfunding Success

TiPJAR Crowdcube Raise

And now the real hard work begins!

That’s a wrap on our second Crowdcube raise where 1180 amazing humans invested their hard-earned cash in our mission to bring fair and transparent tipping to the globe! Our team is incredibly overwhelmed and beyond grateful for your support.

This raise went far beyond our expectation… 336% overfunded at over £1.3M raised. Wow. You have no idea what this means for TiPJAR. The results of this raise proves that the world is changing their perception of the industry, and are finally seeing the desperate need for transparency surrounding tips. Our dedication to this cause is why so many have chosen to invest in our business. We couldn’t be more proud of all that our team in the UK, US and EU have achieved in such a short space of time.

The public’s passion towards the industry is evident here: to create a better world for the workers frothing that amazing cappuccino, shaking that classy classic martini, cooking that mind-blowing vegan duck pancake, cutting that perfect fierce fringe, cleaning that super king size room. We do this all for you.

These funds will really help us continue to invest in our platform, and enable us to invest more into our US Team as well as turbo charge our trajectory for expansion across the globe.

We are humbled by the belief of so many in our mission to make tipping fairer and more transparent for staff. Thank you.

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