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Our last crowdfunding raise closed in August 2020 and saw us raise nearly £900,000 from over 1,000 amazing investors. These funds are vital for us to grow as a small business by investing in our tech infrastructure as well as in our people. 

We currently operate in the UK in over 450 venues, and have recently just started collecting and distributing tips in the USA driven by the appointment of our new US CEO. We have ambitious plans to roll out over Europe and Australia in early 2021. 

Currently we are not live with a crowdfunding raise but you can register your interest in future rounds and you’ll be the first to find out the details!

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TiPJAR is a peer-to-peer tipping ecosystem. We put the power of tipping back into the hands of the worker and 100% of the time customers know exactly where their tip goes.


We've put it all on the table, there are no hidden fees. Customers see exactly how far their money will go. 98% of the time customers choose to cover the costs too.

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great for individuals

Any tip collecting individual from buskers, delivery couriers, online creators to waiters in a restaurant can automatically self-sign up and start earning immediately.

built for teams

We've created TiPJAR with teams in mind. Groups can enable automated sharing of tip jars based upon hours worked. Designed for pubs, restaurants, cafes and bars.

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Ease for operators

We understand the operational pain to businesses of handling card payment tips. We alleviate that pain point by removing the responsibility of card tips from businesses.

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