A free consultation and 10% off TiPJAR for rotaready clients

To celebrate our partnership and to support operators with the upcoming legislation, TiPJAR is offering Rotaready customers a free 30 minute consultation with TiPJAR! During this consultation TiPJAR will understand how you‘re currently managing tronc and offer recommendations based on this; helping you ensure you’re ready and compliant with the Tipping Act when it comes in to effect on the 1st October.


If this is something you’re interested in, then just get in touch using the form to the right.


In addition to this, if you’re interested in implementing TiPJAR in your hospitality business, Rotaready customers will also receive a 10% discount on their subscription fees!


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about our integration

TiPJAR, an award-winning tipping & tronc platform designed for the hospitality industry, is seamlessly integrated with Rotaready to ensure fair an accurate tip allocation. Using signed-off hours from Rotaready, TiPJAR is able to automatically calculate and distribute tips to your employees. Giving you the confidence that tips are always shared fairly and in line with tipping legislation.

Business Insights

We Are At A Tipping Point

Whilst many in the industry have welcomed the new tips legislation as a needed levelling of the playing field for all, the truth for many is that the timing could not really be worse. 

Not only following some of the most challenging years in living memory (I won’t list what we’ve faced these past years because it’s frankly just too depressing) but now the 1st July deadline comes in the wake of the largest increase in minimum wage most of us can remember.

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