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What Is Tipjar?

TiPJAR is an award-winning cashless tipping platform that allows individuals and teams to receive cashless tips directly from customers, then distribute them transparently.

TiPJAR Solo is dedicated to the individual tip worker, and is the perfect cashless solution for musicians, street performers, beauticians, barbers and online performers.

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How It Works

TiPJAR® is quick, direct and 100% transparent. We will work with you to identify which TiPJAR products are right for you and once they are in place, the process is simple and completely automated.

Developed initially by hospitality leaders for hospitality workers, but now applied to a variety of tipped industries such as musicians, salons and barbers, our mission is to help tipped workers earn more and to help the world say ‘Thank You!’.

Who Is It For?

If you work in a position that involves receiving tips, then you can earn more with TiPJAR®.

From buskers, street performers, beauticians to virtual performers and multi-site groups, our multi-currency system is designed to collect cashless tips transparently and easily.

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FREE Yup, really!
  • 4% Transaction Fee
    (Covered By Your Customer)
  • Customisable Bio Page
  • Advanced Bio Page
  • £2.99 ID Check Fee


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  • 4% Transaction Fee
    (Covered By Your Customer)
  • Customisable Bio Page
  • Advanced Bio Page
  • Free ID Check
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TIPJAR Products

We’re always looking for new ways to show gratitude. From QR codes that require no electricity, to fully dedicated Tap To Tip® devices, we’ve got you covered. Saying thanks has never been so easy.

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We offer no strings, no obligation free software for any solo accounts. Sign up with us today and start earning more!

We will be launching Solo+ soon which has many more benefits for the individual tip worker.