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An exciting new way to tip, Tap To Tip™ is smooth, slick and (like all things TiPJAR) super transparent. The system accepts Google Pay, Apple Pay and contactless cards so that you simply tap your card to leave a tip. This ground-breaking system means you can stand out to your customers, providing a rapid solution to cashless tipping.

TiPJAR Products

We are constantly innovating and exploring creative solutions to make contactless tipping as frictionless and easy as possible. Check out our current Tap To Tip™ options and find what’s best for you.
TiPJAR tap to tip
Tap To Tip Box
The World’s first dedicated tip collection payment device is our collaboration with TableYeti and is built to sit on your countertop, giving maximum visibility and proximity to the customer. All transaction are contactless and instant, with the device communicating over 4G & WIFI, meaning you’ll never miss a tip.

Incorporating innovative BBPos technology, the TipWall is mounted on your venue’s wall to capture passing customer traffic and to give easy access to contactless tipping.

TiPJAR tap to tip mobile

Utilising NFC sticker technology, Tap To Tip Mobile allows maximum flexibility to collect tips in a variety of key action locations. Super easy to use, cost-effective and, as with all TiPJAR® products, fully compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and all major credit card suppliers.

QR Codes
Since Covid-19, everyone now knows how to use a QR code. This makes a very simple and elegant choice for individuals. The QR codes have many successful practical applications, including being printed on bills, boards, lanyards, bill presenters, food delivery packaging and stickers.
Digital Tipping
Use TiPJAR to integrate with your online order platform or social media to allow tipping from a distance immediately after your account has been created! Collect tips though Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo and many other performance platforms!


Tap To Tip™ also provides an exciting opportunity for forward-thinking brands to claim prime bartop locations, and to position themselves as progressive, people-focused and champions of the hospitality workers who sell their products.

World’s first payment terminal that enables card tips to be separated from a transaction transparently. (2)

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