Collect and share service charge or credit card tips, transparently.

We sought a platform that would allow the team easy access to tips. TiPJAR offered that solution right off the bat. I have worked in so many businesses where tips have been distributed wrong, and it's such a negative and poisonous atmosphere. With TiPJAR, the messaging is clear: individuals work together to maximise tips for the team. The consistency of distributing tips every Friday has kept the team really happy. Since I've been here, not once have I received a complaint about what we do tips-wise. It's a stark contrast to my past experiences, where fairness was always questioned. TiPJAR has helped us avoid that burden from day one."
Briony - General Manager

A Tronc Scheme designed for the Modern Age

Get tips & service charges to staff faster

No more waiting for payday! Supertronc™ allows staff to access card tips and service charges faster - offering the same experience of regular, on demand income that TiPJAR already does, and as cash tips used to.

Leverage Technology To Boost Business Revenue

Opt for daily split calculations to financially incentivise your staff to work busier shifts, upsell, and provide excellent customer experiences.

Integrate Into Your Existing Tech Stack For A Totally Automated Solution

We offer a fully compliant, automated solution that connects to your rota & epos systems to ensure operational ease.

The Only Comprehensive Solution On The Market

Elevate your recruitment and retention efforts by paying your team their tips and tronc more efficiently and strategically.

Compliance & Legal Support

Stay compliant with ease - TiPJAR handles HMRC reporting and policies and ensures legal adherence. We've already been cleared by HMRC and will work with you to ensure complete compliance, no matter the operation.

Customisable & Scalable

With our scalable solution, you can easily expand as your business grows, accommodating any number of staff members and locations. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and embrace the flexibility and scalability of TiPJAR.

Innovation & Future-Proofing

At TiPJAR, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of tipping technology. With a relentless focus on innovation, we are continuously developing new features and functionalities to enhance the tipping experience for both businesses and staff.

Total Trust & Transparency

Redefine the tipping experience by providing real-time visibility, fostering camaraderie among team members, and offering comprehensive details about tip sharing and tronc policies.

Save on National Insurance Contributions

Operators embracing compliant tronc policies can unlock substantial savings on National Insurance contributions! This dual benefit ensures a positive impact not only on the financial health of businesses but also on the take-home earnings of the hardworking hospitality teams.

Why not try our Tronc & Tips Calculator to see how much your business & staff can save in National Insurance Contributions when implementing Supertronc with TiPJAR.

National Insurance Savings Calculator

National Insurance Savings Calculator

*Note: The figures provided are illustrative only.

We're already working with all the systems you are

Or, if we aren’t, we’ll build it for you.

How does Supertronc work?

Say goodbye to the complexities of manual tip distribution and reporting. SUPERTRONC automates the entire process, streamlining calculation, allocation, and HMRC reporting. Our robust system ensures that you meet all legal obligations, giving you peace of mind and saving you valuable time.

Each week, this process automatically runs:

Tip or service charge collected

Your customer leaves a tip for your team via your standard card machines. Tips go to the business just as revenue does.

TiPJAR reads transaction data from your epos

We automatically read the transaction data from your tills which is puilled directly into TiPJARs tip feed.

The business sends us tips collected

TiPJAR raises a direct debit transaction so funds are settled with ease.

Hours & transaction consolidation

TiPJAR pulls hours data directly from your rota, and matches them against your transaction data and tronc policy to calculate funds distribution.

Funds are split & available instantly

Funds are sent directly to your team's TIPJAR wallets where they have instant access to their money.

"I used to spend about 25% of my week fixing mistakes to tips and service charges. We barely get any payroll or tipping mistakes anymore. Everything’s automated so there are no more errors"
Tommy Giraux
Head Of Project Management

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