Collect and share service charge or credit card tips, transparently.

Designed by Hospitality Professionals.

Say goodbye to complicated tronc systems. No accountants. No drama. Just an honest, independent tronc approach: simple, fair, and transparent.


of consumers want clarity about where their card tips and service charges go.


of staff demand transparency in tronc payments.


of hospitality professionals consider tipping practices when choosing a workplace.

A Tronc Scheme designed for the Modern Age

With many more launching soon!

What is Supertronc™?

No more waiting for payday! SUPERTRONC™ allows staff to access card tips and service charges faster – offering the same experience of regular, on demand income that TiPJAR already does, and as cash tips used to.

Get tips to staff faster

One week, not months.

total transparency

When tips are distributed, staff get full transparency.

Clear and simple

We handle all the tax and reporting, so you can focus on other things.

Integrates into your current workflow

A fully independent tronc payroll that links to your POS and rota systems.

New Legislation Guarenteed

We’re already 100% compliant.

100% Compliant With The New Tipping Laws


The fair tips bill will ensure all hospitality workers get fair share of tips, regardless of role. However, the challenge for operators is how to ensure compliance with the legislation while still providing an efficient and seamless service to their customers. This is where we come in.

TiPJAR® is fully complaint, fair and transparent. We’ve partnered with The Tronc Advisor to give any business worried about navigating this legislation a free 1-hour, no-strings, consultation on current practices with tips and tronc expert, Andy Hamman which you can claim below:

We're already working with all the systems you are

Or, if we aren’t, we’ll build it for you.

How does it work?

The perfect solution to hands-free tip management.

Customer Pays via Credit Card Machine

TiPJAR® collects sales and hours data from POS and rota systems


TiPJAR® calculates what is due, and the business sends over the funds automatically.

Tips are instantly accessible

No more waiting for payday! Staff can access their tips instantly, or they can choose to wait and will be automatically paid out monthly.

Tax and Reporting

All tax and reporting goes directly to HMRC.

"I used to spend about 25% of my week fixing mistakes to tips and service charges. We barely get any payroll or tipping mistakes anymore. Everything’s automated so there are no more errors"
Tommy Giraux
Head Of Project Management


£ 100 +VAT / Month
  • Collect Through Your Existing Card Machines
  • Payroll/Rota Software Integration
  • Account Manager
  • Tips Available On Demand
  • Service Charge or Tips
  • Custom Onboarding process supported by our partners at The Tronc Advisor
  • Requires an Active TiPJAR Team+ Subscription from £1.99 Per Day

Talk to us about upgrading today, or book a demo to join the Tipping Revolution.