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What Is Tipjar?

An award-winning cashless tipping platform designed to help tipped workers earn more. We enable individuals and teams to receive, pool and split cashless tips directly from customers. No app is needed!

With fewer people carrying cash than ever, TiPJAR® makes it simple to accept cashless tips, supports businesses in rewarding and motivating their best staff as well as makes it easier than ever for customers to say thanks.

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How It Works

It’s as simple as a scan, click or tap.

Use your unique QR code, URL or Tap to Tip™ device to direct customers to your team’s tipping page. Here they can quickly and securely tip via Apple Pay, Google Pay or any major credit or debit card, no app needed! 100% direct and transparent, Team tips are pooled and can be split easily across your team, whereas our Solo Enterprise accounts allow customers to tip your individual team members directly. Tips are instantly visible in your TiPJAR® and are automatically deposited into your team’s personal bank accounts bi-monthly.

Who Is It For?

Founded by experienced leaders in the  Hospitality sector, TiPJAR® has been embraced by independent operators and multi-site groups alike. Our flexible system is designed to collect cashless tips transparently and easily, without adding any operational complications. 

If your business has tipped workers, this was made for you!

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Tipping for Tourism

TIPPING FOR TOURISM Help your team earn more with TiPJAR! Book A Demo At TiPJAR®, we help tipped workers earn more and are delighted that

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Collect tips with a scan, tap or click – no app needed! With QR codes, clickable links and our Tap to Tip devices, we’ve got you covered. Saying thanks has never been so easy! 

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