Venmo vs. tipjar

Venmo vs. tipjar

Why wouldn’t I just collect tips using my Venmo? A question we hear fairly regularly. 

With Venmo’s introduction of QR codes, launch of Business Accounts and the wide-spread adaption of the platform, at first glance it does seem like a good option. 

Like Venmo, TiPJAR is a peer-to-peer ecosystem. Enabling direct, transparent tipping from one person to another. Unlike Venmo, which exists for money transfers of any kind, TiPJAR has honed in on tipping specifically & we’ve curated our entire system around it. 

A Professional Platform

Venmo was created as a social platform to pay and get paid. At TiPJAR we know that your tipping profile is representing either you as a professional in your craft (a hair stylist, tour guide or fitness instructor) or you as a member of the organization you work for (a housekeeper at Hotel Emblem or a bartender at Moniker Cafe). We ensure your profile is safe, secure and represents you whichever branded or professional way works best. 

Tip splitting for teams

Team TiPJAR accounts allow you collect cashless tips exactly as you would via a cash tip jar. Tips are paid in, pooled and then easily split across the team based on hours worked. 

TiPJAR was built for this as we know first hand that splitting tips can be a major pain in the a**.  

one qr to rule them all

Have a team, but want each of them to collect tips on their own? We have a fantastic solution with our Solo Enterprise Accounts.

For these accounts we setup your entire team with individual TiPJARs and then give you 1 URL & QR code to promote that allow your customers to choose who or which team their tips should go to. This is perfect for a group of tour guides, like our friends at Speed Boat Adventures, or for hotels, like Hotel Emblem, that want their customers to be able to tip their different teams from one location. 

Reviews, Social Media & More

We’re working hard behind the scenes on a host of new features. These will include the ability for customers to leave thank you notes and reviews with their tips (making your TiPJAR account a living-breathing resume). We putting in functionality to let you link your tipping profile to your social pages – meaning you can not only get tips, but capture long-term fans as well! 

The best part? All of these features will be able to be turned on or off dependent on what suits you & your business best. 

Accessible to Anyone + No App needed

No Venmo? No problem. TiPJAR allows for people to leave a tip via Apple Pay, Google Pay & any major credit/debit card. Our Tap to Tip products allow for tip collection with any contactless payment method. 

We’re proud of the fact that TiPJAR is an app-less solution. Because let’s be real, who really wants to download yet another app? If you have a smart phone, you can tip with TiPJAR. 

On a Mission to Help Tipped Workers Earn More 

When you distill it down, TiPJAR is as an agent to enable tipped workers to collect cashless tips. They are our whole priority & at the fore-front of everything we do. We’re dedicated to YOU and look forward to helping you accept cashless tips anytime, anywhere. 


We’re looking for businesses wanting to participate in pilots across the USA.

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