We are constantly innovating and exploring creative solutions to make contactless tipping as frictionless and easy as possible. Check out all our current ways of collection!  

QR Codes

In this new era pretty much everyone now knows how to use a QR code, making it a seamless choice for any TiPJAR® account to collect cashless tips. Once your account is created you will receive a unique and secure QR code which you can use to start collecting immediately. Perfect for printing on posters, food delivery packaging, stickers, business cards, hotel welcome packs, cash tip envelopes and more.

Digital Tipping

Like a QR code,
every TiPJAR® account automatically receives a unique URL that we recommend
linking with your social media or website immediately after your account has
been created! We also are happy to work with you to integrate TiPJAR® into your
online ordering software, review platform or post-service follow up emails to
allow tipping from a distance. 


We’re looking for businesses wanting to participate in pilots across the USA.

If you’re interested, please enquire below: