Why TiPJAR®?

A Growing Revolution

TiPJAR® was launched in 2019 to make it easy, transparent and direct for individuals and businesses to accept cashless tips. As cashless trends have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been blown away by the demand for a safe and secure contactless tipping solution.

We enable your team to collect cashless tips as a group or individuals, without adding any additional headache or liability to you as an operator. This allows you to make sure your team isn’t missing out on tips because of a lack of cash and in return having a motivated and rewarded staff. 

With complete transactional level transparency, we give your team the ability to collect individually or pool and split tips easily with automatic monthly pay outs to their personal bank accounts. Additionally, we’ve added a feedback module for your staff to recieve information about how the customers felt their experience was. Instant pay outs and payroll integrations and more are launching very soon!

This is tipping, as it should be.

Business Benefits

Improved tips are a proven driver of business performance and happier staff. Adding TiPJAR® allows businesses to reap the rewards of a well-tipped, highly motivated team. By joining the tipping revolution you can:

Direct & Transparent

TiPJAR® is a peer-to-peer tipping platform that is built on speed (it only takes 5 seconds to leave a tip) and total transparency. This means the power of tipping is put back into the hands of the worker and ensure that every time a customer tips they know exactly where their tip goes while also giving full internal visibility of the tip distribution process.

No hidden fees and full transparence for the customers and staff. Customers always pay the transaction fees on top of the tip, ensuring that your team will get the full tip, always.

The Numbers

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