Want To Invest In Tipjar?

Our last crowdfunding raise closed in the UK in August 2020 and saw us raise nearly £900,000 from over 1,000 amazing investors. These funds are vital for us to grow as a small business by investing in our tech infrastructure as well as in our people.

We currently operate in over 1,650 locations across 4 countries, recently launched our US operations in San Diego and are looking to go live in Europe, the Nordics and Australia by mid-2021.

Currently we are not live with a crowdfunding raise but you can register your interest in future rounds and you’ll be the first to find out the details!

We are a start-up looking to make a big impact. We want to change the world forever & make tipping fairer for the worker, more transparent for the customer & less painful for the business.

Our platform was designed and built by hospitality workers, but it is easily transferable and consistent with other tipped workers including tour guides, fitness instructors, taxi drivers, hairdressers, food delivery drivers, street performers and more.

Currently tipped workers from all industries are struggling. They are on the frontline of the diminishing use of cash and are feeling their earnings shrink every day and the forecast for cash over the next five years is astonishing with cash in some parts of the UK and the globe disappearing all together.

While tipping is our bread and butter we also see huge advantages of digitizing tipping including direct feedback and reviews for the worker themselves, which can act as a resumè for future jobs or just re-enforce their value to their current employer. The data on consumers, businesses and employees could become as important and the income generate from receiving and handling tips themselves.

Our founder, James Brown, who has a number of years as retail director for the global phenomenon of BrewDog, saw the opportunity when the venues he ran in London opted to become cashless. A cashless operation was cheaper, quicker and ultimately more convenient for everyone but… there was one loser. The team saw a reduction in tips. This is where the idea was born to put the power back in the team members hands of receiving and managing their tips directly.

Our platform is designed for the tipped worker, the operator and the customer. We’re on mission to help tipped workers earn more and would love to have you on this journey with us.