Our most recent raise closed in September 2021 and we raised over £1.3M from over 1180 investors! Now, we have over 2000 incredible people who have chosen to invest their hard-earned money in our mission to bring transparent, fair cashless tipping to the globe!

Capital at risk

Our Last Raise:

What we've achieved:

Over 6500 accounts
Over 250,000 users
1/2 million tips through the system
Cleared by HMRC
Live in 5 countries
Over £4M in tips taken
Launched world's first contactless tipping device
Founder Of Monzo joined the team
Tip with open banking
Partnership with visa
Raised thousands for charity
Live in over 1000+ venues including Papa Johns & Honest Burger

We help the world say
"thank you"

We currently operate in the UK in over 1000 venues, and are also collecting and distributing tips in the USA, Ireland, Germany and France.

We are a start up looking to make a big impact. We want to change the world forever & make tipping fairer for the worker, more transparent for the customer & less painful for the business.

Our platform was designed and built by hospitality workers but it is easily transferable and consistent with other tipped workers including taxi drivers, hairdressers, food delivery drivers, street performer’s and many more.

Our system is designed to take away the pain, the politics and the risk (both financial & reputational) that the hospitality industry are currently experiencing in regard to collecting cashless tips.

Investments of this nature carry risk, please invest aware.


We’re looking for businesses wanting to participate in pilots across the USA.

If you’re interested, please enquire below: