How It Works

It’s as simple as a scan or click.

Using your unique QR code or URL, you can direct customers to your team’s web based tipping page. Here they can quickly and securely tip via Apple Pay Google Pay or any major credit or debit card, no app needed! 100% direct and transparent, those tips are instantly visible in your TiPJAR®, which are automatically deposited into your personal bank account monthly.

Step 1
Customer Scans, Clicks Or Taps

Tip left via QR code, digitally or other TiPJAR product. Takes just 3 seconds!

Step 2
Tip Is Collected

Tip is directly sent to your TiPJAR account.

Step 3
Instantly Accessible

You can access your money immediately.


Step 1

Customer Scans OR CLICKS

Tip left via QR code or web link. Takes just 5 seconds!

Step 2

Tip Is Collected

Tip is sent straight to your TiPJAR® account and is visible immediately.

Step 3

Money in the bank

Our distribution engine sends your tips directly to your bank.

Our Model

Tipping made easy.

TiPJAR® is quick, direct and 100% transparent. We make tip management more efficient by bypassing the business entirely, safely connecting staff directly to the customers that tip them. From a legal perspective, we act as a commercial agent collecting money on behalf of your team. When staff sign up, they give us permission to receive tips via our TiPJAR® collection portal and then distribute funds on their behalf through our distribution engine.

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