Do you know how much to tip at Hotels?

Do you know how much to tip at hotels?

While we’d all like to say that we’re jet-settling around the world and staying in lovely hotels every month, the reality is that we’re working and living our normal lives most of the time. So it’s not surprising that we may not realize that we’re supposed to tip in certain scenarios. In all honesty, some of us here at TiPJAR ® didn’t know that you should leave a tip for housekeeping until recently. 

In fact, according to a 2014 study done by the Huffington Post/YouGov, 20% of Americans said they didn’t think that tipping housekeeping was expected. This study found that 32% of American’s said they don’t tip housekeeping and 46% will tip.  

So you’re not alone if you don’t realize that you should be leaving a tip! Here’s a few tips for who you should leave a tip for and how much it should be: 

  • Housekeeping: $3-5 a day 
  • Valet: $1-2  
  • Room Service: 20% of the meal cost 
  • Concierge: $5+ 
  • Bellhop: $3-5 per bag 

Pretty straight forward, right? But now comes the second issue: what if you don’t have any cash on you? That’s where TiPJAR ® comes in!  

TiPJAR ® can be used in any aspect of hotel tipping! They can add the unique QR code to the room keys, add the QR code to the room service receipt, include the link to the tipping page in a post-stay email, and more. There are tons of ways that TiPJAR ® can integrate into a hotel’s current operations to make it even easier for their staff to receive tips.  

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