Feature Friday: Jericho The Magnifico

Feature Friday: Jericho The Magnifico

Tipping is in the cards for Jericho The Magnifico. The Southern California based magician has been entertaining crowds for over 10 years with his impressive performances (check out one of our favorite videos on his Instagram). 

As time progressed, Jericho The Magnifico had more people asking about how he accepted tips. Magically (we’re inclined to believe), a Facebook ad for TiPJAR appeared on Jericho’s feed and he decided to try it out as a solution for people who said they wanted to tip him but didn’t have cash. 

“The best part of using TiPJAR is the fact I could direct anyone to my website and they have the option to tip immediately when they get on the friendly website I have...There are still a lot of people who tip in cash, however as time passes, I am sure to see a rise in tips in the future using TiPJAR."

We’re excited to see Jericho The Magnifico continue to perform and impress audiences around the area! TiPJAR is a great “and” option for people who are collecting tips so that fans and customers can leave a tip whether they have cash or not.  

Sign up for yourself or book a demo for your team. And if you’re looking for a ~magical~ experience in Southern California, check out Jericho The Magnifico. 

*photos courtesy of Jericho The Magnifico

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