TiPJAR Practical Applications

TiPJAR Practical Applications

Our technology is so versatile. We are dedicated to helping tipped workers earn more, and sometimes that means having to think out of the box!

So, we’ve complied a list of unique ways you can use our various products. Take a look!

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QR Codes

In this new era pretty much everyone now knows how to use a QR code, making it a seamless choice for any TiPJAR® account to collect cashless tips. Once your account is created you will receive a unique and secure QR code which you can use to start collecting immediately. Perfect for printing on posters, food delivery packaging, stickers, business cards, hotel welcome packs, cash tip envelopes and more.

on Receipts

A QR code on a receipt is a direct avenue to communicate with your customers at the end of your transaction. It is a fool-proof way to increase your tipping collections, and has been incredibly successful in multiple sectors!

Food Packaging

This is a no-brainer for takeaway orders and delivery platforms and enables your customers to conveniently tip on-the-go, or well after the transaction has already been made.

Delivery Notes

More and more people order food online and receive takeaways. Adding a delivery note alongside a message and QR code will increase customer engagement, providing a nice touch to your order whilst encouraging more customers to tip the restaurant rather than just the driver.

Table Talkers

These provide maximum visibility to your customers and is perfect for table-service based bars or restaurants, but can also be placed on countertops or desks. They allow each person to read a little bit about your team as well as why you encourage positive tipping culture in your business.

Printed Bill Presenters

This has proven very successful in restaurants and bars to give to customers at the end of their visit. They reinforce the idea of tipping at the end of the transaction and allowing for customers to engage more with your team.


Want to keep it simple with a sticker? Stickers are an exciting prospect for many businesses. They are easy to create and can be distributed on windows, displays, tables, car dashboards or equipment.

Tray Liners & Greaseproof paper

This is an excellent opportunity for fast-food companies to increase their tips. It will allow you to showcase the QR codes without them having to step foot into your business when used for delivery. Perfect for collecting tips after the purchase transaction has already been made.


These clever coasters are a brilliant way to increase customer tipping for bars. Always in full view of your customers, they ensure maximum visibility of your QR codes.


Flyers allow you to build your brand and promote your team whilst also increasing tipping engagement. Great for tourism companies.

Business Cards

These are the best solution for individual tipped workers in multiple sectors including beauty, buskers and performers. They are easy to distribute and can be displayed anywhere, allowing you to increase brand recognition and increase tips for you or your team.


Something as simple as a napkin can be transformed using your QR code, allowing customers easy digital access to your tipping account in restaurants, bars, and pubs or takeaway businesses. It is a perfect idea to even make your napkins useful to increase tipping for your team.


Why not make your lanyards interactive? By adding your QR code you can increase your tips and hand it to a customer after your service has been provided.


The menu is one of the first things customers see when they visit restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and more. Adding your QR code to your will allow for maximum engagement with your team's TiPJAR.


Custom QR magnets are a great way to ensure your customers engagement for tipping. They allow for an effective and affordable marketing tool for your customers and is a perfect solution to be places on coffee machines, metal dashboards or metal tables.


Want to make sure your team is getting tips they deserve for their great service? Adding QR codes onto your companies uniform will ensure an increase in tipping for your team! Perfect for marathon runners seeking sponsorships!


While riders are sitting in the back of your car, they'll be able to easily see and scan your QR code and instantly tip you in real time during their ride. Adding your QR code will remind your riders that tips are welcome and that they can easily scan and tip during their ride.

Standing Displays

Having your own QR code allows for maximum creativity when it comes to how you incorporate it into your business. Print it permanently onto a poster or laminate it onto a table display in your restaurant, hotel, and more!


Whatever you can imagine, you can put your QR code on! From phone cases to backpacks and more, the options are endless for how you can customize your QR code experience for customers!

Temporary Tattoos

Okay, bear with us on this one. Why not try temporary tattoos? This is a clever idea to advertise your QR code as each customer will be intrigued in this new and fun way and therefore increasing tips! Great for festivals or night clubs.

Using your digital link

Use TiPJAR to integrate with your social media or website immediately after your account has been created! Or, work with us to integrate TiPJAR into your online ordering platform to allow tipping from a distance. This is the perfect solution for online performers, email confirmations and order at table businesses.

Web Order or Order-At-Table integrations

Widget on your website

Youtube or vimeo

Digital Newsletters


Link In Bio

NFC Tap To Tip™ Technology

Utilising NFC technology and Tap To Tip innovation, we enable maximum flexibility to collect tips in a variety of key action locations. Small NFC devices use frequencies to pass encrypted information to your Smart Phone or NFC-compatible device to allow payments. Extremely easy to use, cost-effective and, as with all TiPJAR® products, fully compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and all major credit and debit card suppliers.

Tap To Tip™ Mobile

Yeah, it's really just a piece of paper that you can use to tip! Tap to Tip  Mobile allows maximum flexibility to collect tips in a variety of key action locations.

Tap To Tip™ Bill Wallet

An unquestionable way to increase your tip collections in the hospitality industry. Available to order soon.

Tap To Tip™ Business Cards

Tap To Tip™ Lanyard

Tap To Tip™ Stickers

Tap To Tip™ Wristbands

Tap To Tip™ Coasters

Tap To Tip™ Devices

(Coming to the USA soon!)

The World’s first dedicated tip collection payment device is built to sit on your countertop, giving maximum visibility and proximity to the customer. All transaction are contactless and instant, with the device communicating over 4G & WIFI, meaning you’ll never miss a tip

TiPJAR tap to tip

Tap To Tip™ Box

Tap To Tip devices are an accessible contactless tip collection devices, that provides an excellent way to help your team collect tips. They allow for instant customer tipping whilst also being displayed through many applications such such as on a countertop, plinth or mounted to the wall.

(Coming soon)
TiPJAR Sponsored

Sponsored Tap To Tip™ Box

Tap To Tip™ also provides an exciting opportunity for forward-thinking brands to claim prime bartop locations, and to position themselves as progressive, people-focused and champions of the hospitality workers who sell their products

(Coming soon)


Incorporating innovative BBPos technology, the TipWall is mounted on your venue’s wall to capture passing customer traffic and to give easy access to contactless tipping. It's is a fun and interactive way to receive collections from customers and is the perfect device for restaurants, pubs, bars and coffee shops.

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