Benefits of Enabling Your Teams To Collect Cashless Tips

Benefits of Enabling Your Teams To Collect Cashless Tips

In the ever-growing cashless world, there are many small changes that can have some big benefits to your teams. As business owners and operators during these tough times, we need to enable our teams to gain the as many tips as possible.

After all, a happy and well-rewarded team means a better, more productive business.

As we use cash less and less often, many in sectors where workers collect tips have seen their earnings fall significantly according to the New York Times.

“…there are many urban workers for whom the shift away from cash represents a serious financial problem. Doormen, elevator operators, manicurists — any employee who relies on small, spontaneous cash tips — are finding themselves left out in the cold by an increasingly cashless world.”

Douglas Quenqua - New York Times, 2018 Tweet

People still want to tip and say thank you for brilliant service, but without cash it’s becoming harder and harder to do.

TiPJAR is creating a revolution in the world of tipping. Direct, instant, transparent and cashless. It’s better for customers who can have the confidence their tip goes to the people who deserve it, better for staff who get to keep more of their tips, and better for operators who can reap the benefits of a happier team.

Who is it for?

There are many professions where tipped-workers are suffering financially due to the economy becoming increasingly cashless:

  • Bell Hops, Porters, Cleaners and Concierge in hotel groups are still providing fantastic service are no longer benefitting from the $5 bill in their patron’s wallet.
  • Tour Guides and tourism operators are still sharing their knowledge, without the added aid of a cash-based job-well-done.
  • Cab and Taxi Drivers were traditionally paid in cash and left a tip, but now you simply click a button on your phone and get out of the car.

From dinner theaters to diners, everyone is feeling the brunt of our new lack-of cash world.

Want to help your team earn more?

ways to collect

Collect tips with a scan, tap or click – no app needed! With QR codes, clickable links and our Tap to Tip devices, we’ve got you covered. Saying thanks has never been so easy! 


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