Investment Success and Company Growth

Investment Success and Company Growth

We want to thank each and every one of our amazing investors, who have joined our tipping revolution and are enabling us to help tipped workers earn more. With your support we absolutely SMASHED our funding target of £300K ($413K), raising over $888K, which we are already putting to work with more innovation, more development and more advances that will help us be the best cashless tipping solution in the world.

TiPJAR is now in over 1250 venues across the UK, Europe and USA and has taken over $300K in tips… and rising! We are helping bartenders, waiters, baristas, chefs, delivery drivers, salon staff, barbers, tour guides and musicians to increase their income and making it easier for grateful customers, clients and audiences to say ‘Thanks!’.

We set out in 2019 with a plan to change the world of tipping forever and, as our revolution has gathered pace and our company grows, we remain as committed to this mission as ever.



We’re looking for businesses wanting to participate in pilots across the USA.

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