Our Team

TiPJAR was founded by hospitality leaders, passionate about the sector and the amazing, diverse teams who receive tips as thanks for providing a great service. As word spread about our innovative and world-leading product, our team grew and now we have passionate group committed to helping tipped workers earn more and making it easier for the world to say… ‘Thanks!’.

james brown
James Brown

James is currently the global Managing Director at BrewDog Bars and has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. As our founder, he’s the original creator of TiPJAR and is on a mission to revolutionise the world of tipping for everyone, forever.

alex moore
Alex Moore

Alex is an experienced founder and restaurateur, most notably with Thai group Rosa’s Café. Prior to this, Alex founded Snagster and was Head of Business Development with TMW Digital Marketing Agency.

Gary Dolman
Board Member

Gary is the co-founder of the app-based bank Monzo and played a key role of getting them a market valuation of £1.2bn. Prior to his time with Monzo, he was CFO and COO for ABN AMRO Global Transaction Banking, a business with a turnover of more than €5bn handling payments across 40 countries.

Ben Thomas

Ben looks after the customer journey bringing the code, ideas and concept alive. A former founder himself with Coachment and Management Consultancy Wonderous People.

paul stancer
Paul Stancer

Paul is our resident geek and the brains of the operation. Years of experience working for World Remit (Head of Global Integration) and large scale payment concepts for blue chip companies, including ASSOS, Barclays and Hitachi.

Sydney Paulsen

Sydney recently moved back to the USA after being Head of Marketing for BrewDog’s retail business. Based out of San Diego California, she’s now on a global mission to bring TiPJAR to America.

tom kristenson
Tom Kristensen

Tom is our finance guru and makes sure every penny counts. His career included 15 years in Investment Management and being Group CFO at Plymouth Argyle FC. More recently CEO of Rosa’s Thai Café alongside Alex.

simon bocca
Simon Bocca

Previously COO of Fourth and also founder of innovative payroll solution PayCaptain, Simon brings a wealth of experience to support our Tipping Revolution.

Ian Kinsley
TiPJAR Ireland
Ian comes from an accounting and finance background, with experience in both startups and the corporate world and is a man on a mission to bring TiPJAR to Ireland!
Andrea Frediani
Head Of TiPJAR France

From bartending and waitering to becoming a well established restaurant Manager across Europe, Andrea truly understands the challenge TiPJAR is solving from all aspects. From being a Facebook Manager in Barcelona to Youshow’s CTO, Andrea strives to contribute towards change and development amongst projects he truly believes in.

anita bodis
Anita Bodis
Head Of Customer Success

The very first TiPJAR employee, Anita juggles many tasks including signing up new clients, developing partnerships with third party apps and helping TiPJAR clients reach their targets by thinking outside the box.

chris hodgson
Chris Hodgson
Head Of Sales

Chris leads our commercial team, helping us work with the biggest and best in our sector. He brings a wealth of experience having held leadership positions at Groupon UK, Getty Images, Yapster and Embargo over the last decade.