Increase tips by 400%

Separate tips from revenue, with only a single transaction for your customer.

The world's first card machine with tip separation

split tips directly to your team from a single transaction

TiPJAR has an end-to-end ability to collect, attribute, distribute and payout tips acquired through multiple methods. 

We’ve partnered with TableYeti to introduce another world’s first! Our new groundbreaking tipping solution is the first of its kind, able to split credit and debit card tips from a transaction so that they go into a separate pot that operators don’t have access to, ensuring that 100% of every tip goes directly to staff.

  • Keep your teams tips separate from your revenue. 
  • TableYeti will match any card fee structure, guaranteed. 
  • Integrated into an ever growing suite of ePOS providers or use standalone.


Help your staff earn an extra £2-£5 per hour worked

That’s equivalent to giving a full time employee up to a £9,600 annual pay-rise.

Lower your card processing fees by 20%

TableYeti will beat any card structure.

Increase tips by 400%

Sophisticated UX designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

Tips are instantly accessible

No more waiting for payday! Staff can access their tips instantly.

Recruit, retain and reward your team

TiPJAR’s data shows that adding only £0.40 to an hourly rate increases retention by 25%

How does it work?

When a customer pays for their bill, they are prompted to leave a tip, and can pay for both their meal and the tip at the same time via Apple Pay, Google Pay or any major card provider. 

The tip is automatically split off and sent to the team’s TiPJAR where they can access their tips immediately. The funds for the meal are sent to the business.


This graph shows a single wet-led site’s tips through TiPJAR before & after introducing these devices.

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