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Step into the future of tipping with TAP TO TIP™. Here, you’ll experience first-hand the simplicity and innovation that our device brings to the table. Get a feel for how easily tips can be made with just a single tap and tips go straight to your team’s TiPJAR, ensuring full transparency and fairness.

We even offer customisable features that let you tailor the device to your specific needs! TAP TO TIP™ can simplify operations and enhance the tipping experience in your venue. TAP TO TIP™ is revolutionising the world of gratuity.

100% Compliant With The New Tipping Laws

 The fair tips bill will ensure all hospitality workers get fair share of tips, regardless of role. However, the challenge for operators is how to ensure compliance with the legislation while still providing an efficient and seamless service to their customers. This is where we come in.

TiPJAR® is fully complaint, fair and transparent. We’ve partnered with The Tronc Advisor to give any business worried about navigating this legislation a free 1-hour, no-strings, consultation on current practices with tips and tronc expert, Andy Hamman which you can claim below:

"It's a great USP for new employees, it saves vital time for the management team, so their efforts can be spent with the team and customers, plus TiPJAR is completely transparent which fits our business culture perfectly."
Elinor Summers
Operations Manager

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