Personal FAQ

It’s really simple… Once you register you will receive a unique QR code that directs customers to your TiPJAR Account Page. You can chose to add a photo & a short bio about yourself (all optional). To start receiving tips all you have to do is to give a printed version of the QR code to your customer with a prompt and explanation on how it works. Then they can tip by pointing the camera on their phone at the QR code & clicking the link that pops up. If they use Apple or Google Pay they can tip in seconds (our record is 4.2 seconds, let us know if you beat it!) They can also sign up for an account, add a credit card and tip using this.  Once they’ve done this the first, they can tip just as fast as using Apple or Google Pay. You can also use a unique web link to share your tipping page online, or help people who can’t scan a QR code, and every TiPJAR has a unique “shortcode” – like this which is easy to remember and type. Once someone tips, your account will be credited with the funds, usually within 3-5 days depending on the credit card company. Every tip you collect using TiPJAR is yours, just like cash tips.  If you work as a team, you can pass an element of your tips to a team mate or even split your tips evenly with whoever else is working at the time – just like you’d do with a real TiPJAR!

Our objective is for TiPJAR to be completely free to you. When someone pays by card there are fees to pay to the card issuer, and we have to take a small fee of 4% to cover the cost of running the service (i.e. 8p of a £2 tip). Our system is set up so that when the customer is tipping you it will offer them the chance to cover these costs on your behalf. When they do, TiPJAR is completely free to you.   So far over 97.5% of tippers do this, so you get 100% of the tip they wanted to give you with no deductions at all!

If your customer wants to tip you in cash, we think you should absolutely take it! However lots of customers are no longer carrying cash, and many owners of hospitality businesses are aiming to become completely cashless. Many tipped workers are struggling to get the tips the rely on by solely accepting on cash tips. Simultaneously more and more customers do not like tipping on card machines owned by the business as they have a lack of trust that the staff are getting these. TiPJAR exists to help you take more tips. We allow customers to ensure all the tips they give are given to you directly and transparently. We also want to help you and your business to have a fair and transparent tipping system in your bar, restaurant or hotel.

We think that as well as taking tips in the traditional format of cash you can grow your income by collecting tips from people who have little or no cash on them. Using TiPJAR gets you more tips!

You can only use TiPJAR to collect money that is freely given to you. You can’t use it to collect money in exchange for services or goods (i.e. selling something). TiPJAR is the best choice for staff and teams in hospitality, buskers, bands, musicians, anyone offering free workshops or work-outs, on line or in person! You can use TiPJAR any time you want to give people a chance to say “thanks” without asking them to pay in exchange for something. Because we only process money that is exchanged in this way, our system can be much simpler to use and has lower costs than the alternatives.

You are entirely in control of your tipping page and TiPJAR account. We have created it so that you have options to add more details about yourself as we know that customers may give more if they know something about you. You might share that you are saving for something or working your way through education or courses. The customer will have no access to your private information and it will be secured on our database, which uses the same levels of security as most banks and financial institutions.

You can customise your home page within the design guidelines including a short bio.  We’re working on adding links for your social accounts for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.

We are not tax advisors and you should seek information from a professional tax advisor in your country. In most cases however, our understanding is that TiPJAR tips work just like cash tips, because it’s money you have received directly as a tip without an employer’s involvement. In most countries the government do expect you to pay tax on anything you earn over a certain amount – this includes cash tips.  If you are employed, they may ask your employer to estimate how much you’ve received and make a small change to the tax you pay on your pay-slip for the following year. The good news with TiPJAR is that your employer doesn’t have to guess how much you’ve earned, in fact your employer doesn’t even need to get involved. You will know exactly what you have earned in cash tips and can share this with tax authorities. If you are using TiPJAR independently, for example collecting tips for your band or for online courses, you should include any tips you’ve received in your tax return just like any other income. To find out more, ask your employer or ask the tax authorities in your country. You can see the official guidance from the HRMC in the UK here, The IRS in the USA here, and the Irish Revenue here.

You will need to talk to your employer or business owner on this question. If anyone is struggling to get permission you can contact us and we can send details and explanation of our services to your employer.  We do provide lots of benefits to businesses who give their teams permission to use TiPJAR, so do put us in touch!

We would always recommend talking to your employer about this decision, and hearing their advice. In hospitality particularly creating a customer’s experience is a team effort.  Many hospitality teams recognise we all need to appreciate the role played by people who don’t directly interface with customers and collect tips themselves. But… tips you team collect with TiPJAR are yours, just like cash. No one, including your employer, can decide or influence what you choose to do with them. Only you and your team can decide together if and how to use TiPJAR.

You can submit a report request or share any feedback here. We welcome new ideas and feedback about how TiPJAR works, and are keen to make it better and better – to help you collect more tips!