With Freedom Day passed in the UK, and venues finally moving back to normality (finally!); we thought it would be a great time to reach out to our TiPJAR Community to say hi and showcase a few of our top tips on how to make the most of our system 😊

As cashless payments only become more prominent, and customers come back out into the real world, there’s never been a better time to ensure you are ready to receive the love from those who have missed you so!

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Did you know our system allows for real-time payouts of personal TiPJARs?  No more waiting until payday – follow this link to learn how to withdraw your tips!

Order & Pay Integration:

With partners such as Pepper / Fourth / S4  we can integrate with your current EPOS systems to ensure every angle is covered!
If you have a system not mentioned above, we love making new friends, so just pass on the details and we’ll do the rest!

TiPJAR Customer Success Team:

We have a wealth of experience in our Account Management team, and we’re just waiting to hear from you. Please get in touch anytime! 


Make TiPJAR Work For You

We’ll start with an easy (and of course obvious) one… good service! With customers having to serve themselves for the last year, it’s important to remind your guests why hospitality is called, well… hospitality.

Great service can mean something different depending on your environment, so we won’t tell you what to do…you know better than us!

Don’t be shy, it’s always important to let customers know how they can show their appreciation. Just a brief mention that you are a TiPJAR Venue and all tips are cashless will increase awareness.

We’re a small brand with a big goal; to bring fair and transparent tipping to people like you. It’s time for you to take control over your tips!

There’s no middleman here! All the tips are going directly to you and your team. To get your fair share, you’ll need to be registered to the platform… or invited, like a superstar to a party! Ask your line managers how to get registered 🙂

TiPJAR is very advanced, however we can’t transfer via telepathy (yet!) It is KEY that the QR codes are showcased through the venue with ample description.

If you’d like some inspiration, you can take a look at our online toolkit here!

Here are some great examples of venues using their QR codes in creative ways:

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