A Growing Revolution

We first launched our Tipping Revolution in 2019 to help people like you to earn more. Since then, all cashless trends have been accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis and we know that individual tip workers need a simple, easy solution to their cashless tipping issues. Digital tipping isn’t just the future, it’s the present and we have the solutions to make it work for you.

Our system allows individuals to receive cashless tips directly from the customer, which is instantly accessible and 100% automated.

TiPJAR Personal

Personal Benefits

We know how hard you work and how important tips are, both financially and as a way of showing gratitude. By joining our tipping revolution you can:

Direct & Transparent

TiPJAR is built on speed (it only takes 3 seconds to leave a tip) and total transparency, allowing your clients or fans to tip using a credit card, Apple Pay or Google pay. Your tip is collected in your TiPJAR account and is instantly accessible!

We’ve put it all on the table, there are no hidden fees. Customers see exactly how far their money will go.

TiPJAR Personal

Flexible Solutions

Whether a QR code on a sticker, board or online, or one of our dedicated Tap To Tip products, we’re making saying thank you easier than ever.

Market Yourself Through Tipjar

Link your social media profiles to your TiPJAR account, making it even easier for your fans to follow you and keep up to date!


TiPJAR launched in 2019 and soon after was crowned ‘Innovation of the Year’ award at the 2020 Restaurant & Marketer Awards. Now, there are over 750 TiPJAR profiles expanding beyond hospitality including buskers, hairdressers, barbers and virtual performers who all use our system to earn more in this new cashless world.

Get A Solo Account For Free

We our software totally free for any individuals wanting solo accounts. Sign up with us today and start earning more!